New Resident Evil 6 Leon Kennedy Gameplay Video

The Gamers Hub have come across two rather lengthy gameplay videos on the Official Resident Evil YouTube channel.
The videos, totalling in around 20 minutes of gameplay show off Leon Kennedy's story arc in Resident Evil 6.

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DaThreats2166d ago

Graphics look good
Now fix the anti-aliasing

Dark112166d ago

Can't wait .. DAY1 baby!!

D3mons0ul2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Leon's been through this several times before, yet he's trying to talk an infected president down like it's the first time he's ever encountered a zombie.

Would you call it a continuity error? There's really no excuse for Leon showing this level of ignorance given his experience with the creatures.

This is a major flaw...

Tdmd2166d ago

I thought the same thing! Now, be a nice zombie and don't eat me. :)

Pozzle2166d ago

I don't think it's necessarily ignorance on Leon's part. More like shock and not wanting to believe his friend/boss is now a zombie. He knows he'll have to kill the president, but that doesn't mean it's going to be any easier just because he's killed zombies in the past.

Tdmd2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

I'd agree with you, but there are two other BIG traces of implausible naiveness (is that even a word? lol) on part 2 of this video: in a middle of a zombie outbreak he finds a limping girl soaked in blood and don't stop for a minute to check if she was bitten. Then, on the last cutscene, he see two guys being eaten by a crowd of zombies and, if not for Elena, he would had went out of his way to save them even though it was obviously (obviously!!) too late.

That's three mistakes that we would expect from a rookie, not a veteran hero.

Ashunderfire862166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Yeah but this is the President we are talking about not a plain zombie on the street. One good example is the first season of The Walking Dead, when the black guy with his son couldn't kill his wife that turn into a zombie, because he feel sad doing it. Leon had this exact emotion of the president(a friend personally).

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The story is too old to be commented.