Top 5 Next-Gen Features that Gamers Have Taken for Granted

As this generation of gaming comes to a withering close, with all of its antics and shallow promises, it’s fair to say that we gamers have grown as much as gaming has grown. From the Xbox and PS2 era to the HD surge that graces our consoles today, how much have we changed since then? Are we more demanding this gen than the last? Could it be that we were more sophisticated then and just spoiled rats now?

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CustardTrout2192d ago

Of course we're a bit more demanding, it's part of growing technology, I'd be very annoyed if I had a console that just made fire, where as a cave man would love it.

Actually so would I...
Added to Christmas list: Xbox flame thrower.

CustardTrout2192d ago

As for the home thing, awhile back I said on the Xbox forums it would be good if they attempted something like that, to which a mod replied:
"Home? You mean store?"
Now, I'm a big Xbox fanatic, but even I'll admit, that Sony got that one right, I mean at least you can walk around on theirs, where as with Xbox you literally have "Market place"

RXL2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

the thing i dislike about "home" is that it takes forever to load up...i have fios and it's blazing fast and even with that it still takes a good 10 minutes to load up home..

and psn store and xbox live store are almost identical in terms of aesthetics and meh..

im not a "xbox fanatic"...i only own a ps3..(sold my xbox awhile ago)

Dualshockers_Carlos2192d ago

The fact that you have to load up a place just to enter like a mall or theater really is a drag sometimes.

Soldierone2191d ago

I agree with the initial boot. It takes longer than every game I own.

They did a good job with recent updates to speed up download times and loading times for zone to zone though. I don't know why they couldn't do that to the initial boot up screen....

HOME is actually evolving rather well though. they are adding a bunch of cool things FINALLY, and its getting to a point of being worth getting on for me. They are adding that new shooting game(today?), the DUST game was addicting, and they are basically bringing SimCity to it soon.

Myst2192d ago

My thoughts exactly as well.