2kSports Should Look To The Past For A Better Dunk Contest Experience.

We discuss how 2kSports can make their dunk contest experience great again by looking back at past attempts that were pretty awesome.

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kahjah2076d ago

After reading the article I would love to hear some additions to what I wrote in the piece. Anything you would like to see?

mikemusic2076d ago

I totally love the article. Took me back to my childhood days. Thanks for reminding me how I old I am lol Seriously, thanks for the memories & I totally agree with what was said in the article.

kahjah2076d ago

Thanks Mike for the love. How about them old school graphics. I might have to break out the cane and walker.

NYC_Gamer2076d ago

2K should make the all-star game features part of the whole package and not just pre-order dlc

kahjah2076d ago

@NYC I totally agree, I think that wasn't necessarily the best move but with the way they implemented it in this year's game. A bunch of hardcore sim ballers might just not buy the DLC.

As far as DLC goes, what do you think they should add instead of the All-Star Weekend.

Thanks for the comments.

NYC_Gamer2076d ago

I would like 2K to add more legend/current player playable special moments

kahjah2076d ago

The bigger question is would you want to pay money for them to add legends? For example, we've wanted Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley in the game for a long time. If they could snag them via DLC sales would you still want to pay for it?

NYC_Gamer2076d ago


I would pay for a dlc pack that added couple of players along with playable special moments in their career

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