The Future of Video Games, Brought to You by Valve

It has been a few weeks since we last heard anything on the Steam Box. One thing that I still find odd, however, is how most people seemed to have completely forgotten about it. While the majority of Valve fans keep themselves busy by twiddling their thumbs in anticipation for a Half Life 3 announcement, I find myself eagerly awaiting any news on quite possibly the most important development in the history of the industry. That may sound like a pretty bold statement, but these are just a few reasons why it can happen and why I am excited for the Steambox

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sonicsidewinder2194d ago

If it let me play any of the steam games i'd already bought, without having to buy it again...

Mite be kool.

Could put it downstairs to play console ports & multiplayer functional games.

Then have the PC for my big-boy games that casuals won't know how to play.

Flavor2194d ago

dude, really, you had to puke out the whole kiddie-console PC master race thing? Can there ever be a valve article without this?

And I own a 360 and a gaming PC.. so I must not exist...

sonicsidewinder2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

"And I own a 360 and a gaming PC."

Lol, so do I. I was joshing dude.

But yeah, my main point is wanting to know,

"If it let me play any of the steam games i'd already bought, without having to buy it again."

wallis2194d ago

I'm a die hard PC gamer and it's shit like this that is childish not owning a 360. Seriously people like you just need to shut up and stop brewing bollocks between platforms. The whole reason the steambox is gonna be great is because with a unified/less divided player base between consoles and PC then there's no reason for fanboy gimps like you to keep on trolling

sorceror1712194d ago

Valve isn't going to make or sell hardware. They will create a *standard* that hardware makers can build to, like Intel did with Ultrabooks.