Kickstarter, this is only the beginning

Big names like Carmaggedon, Leisure Suit Larry, Shadowrun are making a comeback. Wasteland 2 raised almost as much money as Double Fine adventure, and of course, dozens of new devs started their small project this way and can now have an opportunity to show what they can do and build a fanbase. And still, this is only the beginning. Most gamers, believe it or not, haven’t ever heard of Kickstarter. I said it before, i’ll say it again: Kickstarter can really be the way to resurrect mid-budget games that where thriving during the last generation

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a_squirrel2218d ago

I bet they're trying to get the same success as Double Fine.

dedicatedtogamers2218d ago

Okay, I'm going to speak from experience: I've gone through the Kickstarter craze with boardgames. Believe it or not, "hobby" boardgames have quite a following, and I remember when a few indie hits came out, it seemed like everyone was jumping on the KS bandwagon. And lo, eventually a lot of the bigger boardgame publishers did, too (the equivalent of Brian Fargo and Schafer in the boardgaming world).

And this went on for a few years. Now, it's a mess. TOO many boardgames are on Kickstarter. It makes it tough to pick a good one, to the point of just ignoring them all.

The same thing will happen (and is already happening) with video games. We'll get some great games on Kickstarter. We will. But eventually, it will just be way too saturated.