Media Create hardware sales (6/11 – 6/17)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Dante1121944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Wow, the Vita sold a lot this week and it looks like the PS2 outsold the Xbox360 again. Everything increased but the Wii and PSP.

DarkTower8051944d ago

All the Vita needs is games that appeal to Japan. I have a feeling we'll see a MH Vita game announced at TGS.

MasterCornholio1944d ago

It has to be persona 4 that's driving those sales. What a jump though.


DarkHeroZX1944d ago

As long as Sony can get things jumping in Japan the vita will do just fine. Just wait until more vita colors become available and more great eastern games make their way out. Pretty soon the vita will be selling on equal footing with the 3DS. Don't stop with just this one game Sony, keep pushing out those system sellers.

FamilyGuy1944d ago

I wonder what caused the big jump in Vita sales, did something significant come out recently?

Amin171944d ago

persona 4 the golden. selling like hotcakes.

Seraphemz1944d ago

Why are people disagreeing with the Persona 4 tie in? its obvious that its driving sales of the Vita...

tarbis1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny and Persona 4 The Golden.
I already have the former. Waiting for the english release of the latter.

El_Assenso1944d ago

PS2 is amazing!!! That behemoth is still going!!! Best console ever made....PlayStation 2!

AWBrawler1944d ago

Again ignoring the elephant in the room. it happens every week. They ignore that big ass 3D elephant

Skateboard1944d ago

3DS is a attention whore.

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