Dead Space 3 preview - genre survivor (Metro)

"Dead Space 3 seems to have devolved into a generic cover-based, third person shooter. The full game would have to be substantially different from the preview we saw for it to be deemed a worthy sequel."

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Wintersun6162035d ago

Guess I'll be buying this used then, if at all..

jessupj2035d ago

Hmmm, doesn't sound good, does it?

dirthurts2035d ago

I'm sooo on the fence about this game. I'll have to get hands on or see some more gameplay to make a decision.
What I have saw, looked good, but it wasn't what I was hoping for.
That being said, I probably won't skip it because of my expectations, instead I'll judge it for what it is when it's released.
On the other hand, I'll probably not be paying full price for it.

KingOfArcadia2035d ago

Unless all of this co-op, cover-based shooting jive turns out to be just a small part of the overall game, I'm going to have to pass on this. It's a shame, Dead Space was aiming to be a pretty great franchise but now it looks like they're going to run it into the ground. Shame.

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