PSNFancast Episode 10 – One Chris, Two Chris, Red Chris, Blue Chris

It’s all about games, games and more games as Chris Hague, Josiah Renaudin, and Reaction Time Editor Chris Sheridan tackle this week’s Fancast. Lego Batman 2 brings on the discussion of Lego fatigue, Magic: The Gathering Duels of The Planeswalkers 2013 reminds the staff of the power of the booster pack, while AR games somehow make another significant appearance in conversation. What we’ve been playing, which includes a slew of free games thanks to PlayStation Plus, finds a way to make the group want to just play more video games.

Without Angelo’s expertise on news, Chris and Josiah do their best to discuss Angry Birds HD, Monolith’s next project, Super Monkeyball and much more. The topic of fan input in the development process is talked about at length, with listener questions and comments answered before time runs out.

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