5 Burning Unanswered Wii U Questions

Steve 'jsslifelike' Conger writes, "Prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012, Nintendo had made it abundantly clear that the specifications and release date would NOT be a part of their presentation. With an apparent fear of competitors’ price-dropping and feature-matching, the Japanese giant has left many with more questions than answers."

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Dlacy13g2162d ago

THIS..."Will the headphone jack on the Wii U Gamepad have in-line mic support and if not, will there be separate headset options for voice communication?"

If this is going to be another WiiU speak system then Nintendo can shove it up their arse. I know the WiiU pad has a no headsets then? No turtlebeach support?

--Onilink--2162d ago

turtle beach already announced they are bringing products to the WiiU. They said it when they announced the new line of COD products

Stephen55432162d ago

Microphone is on the controller. I don't know how good it is, but they did show it picking up voice on video chat from across the room (in the promo video during the Pre E3 Show)

Even if it doesn't support in-line mic you'd theoretically be able to attach any headset (i.e. iPod headset) to your controller and use that to listen to the other players while you talk and use the controller as the microphone.

I know that's making some assumptions on my end, but that's just my thoughts based on what we've seen so far.

jsslifelike2162d ago

But then wouldn't the mic pick up on everyone clicking in their thumbsticks and rapidly tapping buttons? Sounds kinda crappy to me.

Stephen55432162d ago

Very good point. I didn't think about that all the way through. That would be extremely crappy.

shackdaddy2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Here you go:

Also, like Onilink said, turtle beach has one and Afterglow( )(At the end of the video they said they didn't know if it was compatible and I saw somewhere that it was) and one more company but I forgot...

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live2play2162d ago

in the words of bruce wayne


thebudgetgamer2162d ago

How much are those controllers gonna cost?

fatstarr2162d ago

I Want wiiu to play gamecube games

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