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Submitted by iamironman 1330d ago | news

Kojima wanted to kill Solid Snake in MGS 4, talks Metal Gear Solid 5

IncGamers: “We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots,” says Kojima. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3)

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fastrez  +   1330d ago
That's old news. The original ending for MGS 4 was that Otacon and Old Snake turn themselves in for war crime and are executed as martyrs for their cause, like The Boss in MGS3.
Winter47th  +   1330d ago
I only wish they wouldn't have made him old in the first place. Age acceleration is just a bullshit excuse Kojima used to get rid of the franchise, just look at Rising. Platinum games, really?
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2pacalypsenow  +   1330d ago
Well that's because he wanted to end Solid Snakes Saga
THamm  +   1330d ago
Amazing that people STILL can't get it through their heads that Rising is a spin off, action game. I mean how many times does the man have to point it out while people still rant about losing faith in the franchise?
Tzuno  +   1330d ago
snake will die eventually maybe in 5.
spunnups  +   1330d ago
As long as Kojima has new and fresh ideas for Snake and the rest of the MG Franchise, I doubt he will ever kill him off. The series is just too good.
Honest_gamer  +   1330d ago
i would LOVE for no 5 to end with snake in his bed surrounded by his children, wife and friends and just pass away, after all his years of fighting etc, his story ends surrounded by family and friends dying peaceful not executed or some other death, i feel like thats the only death that will do snake justice, maybe an after credits scene where otocon releases to the world all the exploits snake has saved them from, and is regarded as a hero this could be done via showing his son or something watching tv and a breaking news scene comes up explaining everything snake does, as the child tries to change the channel to get away from his dads death, its on EVERY channel ;-) that would be bad ass, almost in tears thinking about it lol
Tundra  +   1330d ago
Solid Snake couldn't have children and he was never married. I say just let it be finished with MGS4.
Honest_gamer  +   1330d ago
um between 4 and the next one that takes place in the future how do u know if he didnt get married?
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Hoje0308  +   1330d ago
@Honest Gamer
Pure speculation on your part.Tundra responded with the facts and you replied with further unfounded deliberation. The happy ending with the white picket fence wouldn't be true to the series and doesn't seem feasible given Snake's misanthropic nature.
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koehler83  +   1330d ago
Snake is more or less dead in MGS4. His career as a soldier is definitely over. Whatever time he had left he can live out in peace.

I'm sure MGS5 and beyond will continue to expand on the more interesting story of Naked Snake. Nothing has been shown of his exploits in Hanoi, for instance.
Batzi  +   1330d ago
MGS5 might be a prequel set between 1975 and 1989 in which Solid Snake was around 3-17 years old depending when the game is set. So I think this is the Solid Snake we might be seeing in MGS5 and not Old Snake. Although I hope Old Snake will have another game dedicated to him.
D3mons0ul  +   1330d ago
No doubt he's only deciding to keep Solid Snake alive because of criminally psychotic "fans" who sent him a bunch of death threats and the ranting of overgrown ten year olds over Rising.

Just leave him alone and let him create what he wants to create, let him move the series as he wants it to be moved. Some of you may think you're entitled in some way to the game's creation and the direction of the series but you're not. You never were.

Now that this is happening, I hope Rising sells the most out of any MGS game, I actually hope it does take over the franchise like so many of you fear. I hope the supporters of Rising outnumber the detractors. I hope your obnoxious voices are silenced forever so Kojima can work again, in peace.

Wouldn't you like to see a new ZOE game or maybe even a fully fleshed out version of the Nightmare mini game from MGS3? We don't even know everything he's had up his sleeve or the possible missed opportunities because of You, the "fans" begging for more Metal Gear in that...crazy way that you do. Kojima wanted to end the series at 2, you'd do well to remember that. Everything beyond 2 has been you forcing his hand and even threatening his life...over a video game... game


For all you know, in the course of time between MGS2 and where we are now, he could have created something even better than Metal Gear. I know...shocking, right?
StanSmith  +   1330d ago
You seem just as criminally psychotic as those you just ranted about.

I'm one of those people who don't care to tell a developer how their story should develop. Like you said, it's their story. Saying that however, to blame all the fans for Kojima making more Metal Gear games is really silly.

Don't you think Konami would have a say in it too considering how well the franchise sells? Kojima was also involved in the ZOE HD Collection and the latest Castlevania game. The last MGS game we had was in 2008. 4 years ago! You act like he's tied to a desk, being forced to make them because of the fans.

Kojima created the franchise and through his epic storytelling, he can finish it too.
admiralthrawn87  +   1330d ago
if its as good as MGS 1-4, i'm excited.
BIGBOSS08  +   1330d ago
its a damn game. i dont give a crap if snake died in MGS4, bring him back to life and make another damn metal gear solid game because every loves snake, everyone wants more metal gear solid and konami make the most $$ from metal gear.
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C L O U D  +   1330d ago
Solid Snake is finished man...I mean half his face melted
ginsunuva  +   1329d ago
No more snake. Actually they could use younger snake, but no more post-mgs4 story!
ACEMANWISE  +   1329d ago
No...I can't do it!!
mananimal  +   1329d ago
Look, Kojima is Famous because of Solid Snake, its his bread & butter, his Social status is asna result of Solid Snake, his Revelancy to gamers, especially western gamers, is because of Metal Gear Solid, & Solid Snake. Kojima will NEVER be able to produce another IP, that makes him endearing to gamers, on the Level of Metal Gear.

So , he may have wanted too, but if he ever does, Metal Gear Solid, will not be as relevent & endearing, Kojima, Loves the limelight & the fame status that comes with being considered a top game producer, & he wont be able to duplicate that with another IP. So no matter he says, Until he no longer clamors for the attention/ status, that Solid Snake brings, he wont kill him WITHOUT finding a way to bring him right back to life, for the sake of fans, but more about the Status it gives him.

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