Sony: why we're launching new IP this late in the console cycle

Sony was one of the few major publishers to launch brand new core IP at this year's E3 show, debuting Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls and showing more of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us.

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Dante1122136d ago

"It is absolutely critical [to create new ideas]," he told MCV."

"We've always felt that the strength of our platform has been a kind of symbiotic relationship between the platform being created and strengthened by new experiences. And then that reinforcing the strength and one hopes the longevity of the platform overall."

Which is why I own a PS3. New IPs FTW. Getting tired of playing the same game franchises over and over again. Want something new, fresh.

AntoineDcoolette2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Personally I own a Ps3 for third party titles. Unfortunately after many of them being announced as exclusives they actually went multiplatform such as FF13, Assassins Creed, DMC4 etc : /

This is the multiplatform generation

shoddy2136d ago

You don't like god of war or MGS4?
Why not get more than multipat games if you can?
I guess your standard is low.

Abash2136d ago

Gran Turismo
God of War
Sly Cooper
Twisted Metal
Ratchet & Clank

Those are the series I own a PS3 for, and why I'll be getting a PS5

HammadTheBeast2136d ago


What just skipping on the PS4?

Also remember Dust 514, which is Free to Play!

AntoineDcoolette2136d ago

And you have a knack for making ridiculous assumptions and attacking people over silly things. Of course I own God of War and MGS4 (btw MGS4 is 3rd party). But I never bought a Ps2 back in the day for sony's first party line up but rather titles such as DMC, GTA, Silent Hill, MGS, and Medal of Honor. PS3 simply does not have the same strong third party support as last generation hence 'the multiplatform gen'.

Don't put words into peoples' mouths next time.

WildArmed2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

It's when people reply like this, I get reminded why the N4G Main page is a battlefield.

Btw, Antoine I completely agree with you.

This gen is of Multiplats, which is not a bad thing at all.

And Sony has been pretty notorious with their announced "exclusives" going Multi-platform this gen.

And if you any of you feel like commenting on my "hateful" opinion, please go take a look:


mewhy322135d ago

Well Antoine I don't really understand why you would purchase a ps3 for the 3rd party stuff. Xbox 360 has consistantly has won head to head battles with ps3 on multi console 3rd party software releases, with better graphics and performance??? Your logic here escapes me. I own my ps3 for the 'exclusive' software and blu ray movie playback. Occasionally I'll purchase a multi console release game for my ps3 but only if lensoftruth . com declares it the victor in a head to head with Xbox 360. Which boils down to most all multi-console release gaming being done on my Xbox and PS3 'exclusive' gaming on my ps3.

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SilentNegotiator2136d ago

And it's not like a cycle coming to an end means that new IPs stop becoming necessary. There will be more hardware for sure.

I don't care if it's the end of the cycle, the beginning, the IPs are still a part of gaming.

Tonester9252136d ago

I think they should make a new Crash Bandicoot and Spyro game like the originals

SilentNegotiator2136d ago


I wish. But they let those IPs fall into the hands of Activision. Sony should have at least MATCHED the bid put up to Insomniac/ND for those IPs....with all the respect they had for them, I'm sure they would have sold it to Sony instead.

But nope. Sony let legendary IPs turn into a dead franchise (Crash) and a plot to sell expensive pieces of plastic DLC to kid(s' parents) (Spyro).

Tonester9252136d ago

Yea that's true! Well hopefully Crash/Spyro will be in Royale

TBM2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

i will also buy a playstation system because it gives me the one thing the other two don't and thats VARIETY, and the fact that they are the only publisher out of the big 3 who ACTUALLY releases new IPs.

i just this past sunday traded in my 360 elite because i havent touched the thing since playing gears 3. MS just doesnt provide me with the VARIETY i want in my exclusives. they keep retreading out the same 3 exclusives that i'm not really interested in, and forcing this kinect garbage down our throats.

with the next round of consoles coming i'll be picking up the new PS for sure, but i will not be purchasing the next MS system because i know it will be halo, forza, and fable over and over.

the wii u i'll pick up about a year after it launches i want a nice VARIETY of games to play thats more to my liking.

HammadTheBeast2136d ago

There haven't been many new games at all other than Kinect and XBLA...


Darth Stewie2136d ago

I give Sony props for doing what they are doing since based off of E3 it seems Sony is one the few publishers willing to risk creating a new IP late in the generation. Unlike Nintendo

Lucretia2136d ago

nintendo will never take a risk. they will publish new IP's but never develop them unless its wii-u sports.

they didnt even develop last story, xenoblade or pandora's tower. regardless im glad those games are coming but when is Miyamoto going to use his magic on something new?

and if they are going to keep rehashing mario and zelda why not take a different twist? oh well

neutralgamer192136d ago

New ips start on ps3 and form the foundation for the awesome sequels that will be on the ps4. I can only imagine how a new starhawk, lbp, uncharted, etc.... will be omn the ps4.

DeadSpaced2136d ago

Think what it would be like to be playing The Last if Us 2 on the PS4. Here's to hoping the new IPs will get well deserved sequels.

r212136d ago

im pretty ND said TLOU was a one time thing. so yeah sorry to disappoint but there aint gonna be a sequel to TLOU.

DeadSpaced2136d ago

I was hoping that wasn't the case but thanks for breaking the news to me.

Soldierone2136d ago

Money talks, fans talk, people change their minds.

If developers saying "this is the last one" was true 100 percent of the time, we wouldn't have a lot of great games and Metal Gear would have ended at least 2 games ago lol

MrMister2135d ago

@ Soldierone: Kojima doesnt just do it for the money, he doez it because with each game, a wide array of possible storylinez can branch out of the series. If it was just money, someone else would make it, while Kojima collects royalties and konami simply gets paid.

m-s-8-22136d ago

If it reviews and/or sells well there will be a sequel regardless of ND wanting to make one.

byeGollum2136d ago

I'm glad the last of us is a one time thing. Not every freaking game must have sequels and spin offs.. Last of us 3 -.-.

humbleopinion2135d ago

I'm actually disappointed they don't release them as launch titles for the next gen. I mean it's not like they're being released this year, and next year all rumors point to a PS4 release on the holiday period.

Seeing new games like Watch Dogs and 1313 in action, it will be amazing to see what developers like NG can pull on a next gen hardware.

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ApolloAdams2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

The strategy doesn't make sense to me because of the lack of sales from Sony exclusives outside a few of them but it works for them I guess and they could continue the series on their next machine thus creating hype for a platform.

Time will tell if it works out for them. I would decrease the exclusives a bit and up the marketing budget but that's coming from an economics major lol.

DialgaMarine2136d ago

You know, sales wise, the same can be said about any of the companies. Besides Halo, Forza, and Gears, what games on 360 really sell well?

Really, the fact that Sony is still releasing new IP's on PS3 completely destroyed the sales argument. Why? Because despite making little to no money on the PS3, Sony still puts out awesome AAA IP's. People try to say that sales will result in better quality games and services. Well. Why is it that Microsoft, despite being the only console manufacturer to yield a huge profit, still has yet to put out a single AAA IP worth a crap since Gears, and has turned XBL into nothing but an ad spamming updated version of the WP7 OS. In the 360 owner's case, those "sales" are going to nothing more than time exclusive DLC and getting Kinect crap shoved down their throats. Destroys the entire purpose in the end.

Sony has always been about providing new exclusive AAA experiences combined with the third party ones to make a gaming machine that provides core gamers with the thing they want most: core games. Point? Sales don't mean crap in the end, and articles like this prove it.

Hicken2136d ago

What do you call selling well? The overwhelming majority of PS3 exclusives sell a million or more; those that don't still reach high enough numbers to have made a profit.

You being an economics major, you should understand something as basic as supply and demand. In this case, Sony fans want more and varied exclusives, and Sony supplies them. As long as Sony keeps up with the supply, the fans won't go anywhere.

Here's an even simpler concept: you gotta give the people what they want. Sony folks want games. Lots of em, of all types. Sony delivers. As long as they do that, they will be fine.

ApolloAdams2136d ago

Supply and demand indeed and when you make exclusive games that don't reach even 5% of your install base that isn't demand.

The prior person said sales don't mean crap which is really funny because last time I checked Sony is a business and sales do matter maybe not to the consumer but to a bleeding company such as Sony it means a hell of a lot.

All I said was they could knock off a few exclusive games that under-perform and use better marketing money which is a true case because the competition kills them in that area.

This allegiance to a corporation is getting out of hand I swear.

andibandit2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

You kinda left out the Developers of that equation.

Developers want demand, but SOny cant really give them that, and PS3 owners, arent really giving them that either.

Hicken2136d ago

And again, I ask you what you consider to be good sales? Apparently, the exclusives are doing well enough to justify sequels and their own continued existences, so they can't be flat-out bombing like you and others would like people to believe.

As for "games that don't reach even 5% of your install base," that's called VARIETY. Not everybody's gonna play Atelier, or GT5, or Uncharted, or Resistance, or Killzone, or White Knight Chronicles, or Heavy Rain, etc. But you'll have somebody that will buy EVERY Atelier, both WKCs, Ar Tonelico, Valkyria Chronicles, both Disgaeas, and so on.

People demand a variety, so they get the variety; the sales other consoles see in one or two franchises are split up among dozens, but the sales are still about even. And the people that want the games buy them, and these people rarely seem to be disappointed. Sure, plenty of people who don't even own a PS3 complain about how lackluster the exclusive library is, going on about "quality over quantity," but the majority of those that actually put time into the games enjoy them, and there's no lack of quality to be found... unless you mean "quality" sales, and base that on only the big sellers like Halo.

Which is obviously what you're doing. If a game doesn't sell as much as Call of Duty or Halo, then to you and other anti-Sony posters, it didn't sell well and is a waste of time.

But not only do most games never come anywhere near those sales, it's not necessary for all games to do so, and titles with wider appeal like Call of Duty SHOULD sell that much, as opposed to a niche title like Atelier Totori.

Example: Catherine sits at a little over half a million sales worldwide, but the developer has stated that these sales are great. They reached their target; 8 million copies would have been nice, but it was necessary for the game to be considered a success. And this was multiplat.

In fact, ATLUS' best selling game, Demon's Souls, hasn't even hit 3 million, but it's considered an overwhelming success. None of the Persona games have reached a million, but their sales are looked upon favorably.

So, again, I ask, what do YOU consider good sales? Sony seems to be satisfied enough with the sales of these games that they keep making more; but since you're an economics major- unlike ANYBODY working for Sony- I guess you would know better than they would.

Outside_ofthe_Box2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

***"Sony seems to be satisfied enough with the sales of these games that they keep making more"***

This^ is all that needs to be said.

If Sony as a company keeps investing in new games it is safe to say that Sony is satisfied with the return.

What people need to realize is that most games don't make it past the 3 million sales mark and that's including MULTIPLATS. So to expect an EXCLUSIVE to even sell 3 million copies let alone Gears, Halo, and CoD numbers is a ridiculously high expectation.

Apollo said he doesn't understand Sony strategy of releasing new games, well people also don't understand Microsoft's strategy of timed DLC.

In Sony's case people claim that Sony's exclusives don't sell. In Microsoft's case people claim that timed DLC has an insignificant/no impact on anything meaningful. Yet both Sony and Microsoft continue to do what they do so obviously they are satisfied with what they are gaining from it.

Even if Sony's sales on exclusives are below expectations does it really matter? What does poking fun at the sales numbers even do? Would you rather Sony not release games at all? I don't understand that at all.

anyname2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

You would rather less games and more marketing....What?

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