Rumored Mortal Kombat Film Reboot To Tell The Story Of A Supermarket Clerk

If rumors are to be believed, an upcoming Mortal Kombat live-action reboot could be following the exploits of a supermarket employee who finds out he has super powers.

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Snookies122218d ago

I want a new MK movie... Am I the only one who kind of liked them back in the day? Though I'm going to go Noob Saibot on someone's ass if they don't include the theme song from the original movies. It's so cheesy, yet so awesome.

fr0sty2216d ago

The first one was cool, but the last 2 were horrible.

perfectCarbonara2216d ago

Last 2 !? They made a third one !?

The first is still the best VG movie IMO.

LOL_WUT2218d ago

Yeah I also want a new MK movie I think i'm the only one who actually enjoyed Annihilation. I just don't know if they can top the actors who played Liu Kang, Raiden, Johnny Cage etc

LocutusEstBorg2216d ago

I thought in Mortal Kombat everyone inherently had the potential to become an Earthrealm fighter and just those who trained became stronger.

SaffronCurse2216d ago

You guys need to watch Mk:Legacy, don't be fooled by the cover but this is very well worth your time watching if you're into the mk story.

OneAboveAll2216d ago

The first movie was actually very good. Especially with the limited budget they had.

vortis2216d ago

Yeah I agree.

It may have been a "bad-action movie" by common movie standards but they got the video game vibe down right.