Assassins Creed III - The end of the franchise?

Assassins Creed 3 Exclusive Interview by GamerSheep

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ApolloAdams2194d ago

I'm hoping so. But I have a feeling they will take a break and then reintroduce Assassin's Creed as a brand new story arc and trilogy.

FarCryLover1822194d ago

Well I've got a feeling that there will be AC:B and AC:R type expansions for the next 2 years.

josephayal2194d ago

R.I.P AC i will never forget u

Tzuno2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

No way!!! they are not done until they reach in space to kill aliens. Ezio auditore da terra.

GoldenGamer2194d ago

What I would like to see after AC3 (If it finishes the story) is for them to take the core game-play provided in Assassin's Creed and adapt it to a new franchise maybe, year after year people ask for a feudal Japan setting. Perhaps a spiritual successor of Tenchu could be created, obviously they already have Watch Dogs as a futuristic version (possibly, looks like it could be) so it stands to reason that they need to either go into an untouched era or bring the game-play into a fantasy realm. Or they could just completely abandon this winning gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.