PSN Store Shutting Down Temporarily in Korea

According to Sony, the PSN Store is going offline for all players starting on June 29. The law goes into effect on July 1. Online play will still be functional; however, maintenance to comply with the new law will take down the PSN Store. Sony hopes to have the PSN Store back up sometime this year.

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360GamerFG2218d ago

Someone tell me how shutting down the PSN Store 24/7 is in compliance to a law aimed at limiting kids under 16 from playing games at night?
How about just shutting it down during those late nite hours? Come on now. I don't mean any disrespect to South Korea but this is not making any sense at all

brish2218d ago

I'm a developer.

I can't say for certain how Sony developed their PSN network but it's likely that the servers that validates who you are and validates that you have "permission" to play games is also used to validate that you can make purchases from the store. It sounds like this validation process will require the validation server's software to be updated to comply with the new law.

I doubt they would want to shutdown the game servers at night because this would prevent everyone from playing the game. It's unlikely that the new restrictions apply to adults.

Majors2218d ago

This will not stop kids playing at night as online is still available. No disrespect to Korea but they need to sort themselves out before pointing the finger with silly laws. As if it's Sony's fault for parents having no control over their children.

ExPresident2218d ago

Exactly, everyone wants to point fingers and make everyone else be responsible for their kids when its as simple as pointing at the parents and asking why they are letting their kids do it.

FamilyGuy2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

It would make more sense to cut off the online servers altogether during those hours, not just the ps store. Better yet, they should just add a parental setting that stops the system from playing games between those hours.

kagon012218d ago

All thanks to Diablo III...