Microsoft comments on "leaked" Xbox 720 strategy document

Many of you might have read about a purported internal Microsoft strategy document that apparently "leaked" earlier this week, outlining its plans for the next Xbox system.

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DaThreats1885d ago

They didn't deny it
Seems the documents were legit

aviator1891885d ago

I just hope some of the specs have changed somewhat since these plans were drawn out in 2010.

MRHARDON1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

I don't expect the processor to change, maybe the graphics card will be a bit more powerful, using a variation of the ati 7000 series.

Other than that, the specs wont change greatly.

ApplEaglElephant1885d ago

Do you think it takes 2 months to build a new console? They just put random things toghether and call it a day?

No. These things take years of R&D. If Xbox 720 were to be released in 2013, ofc the plan would have to be drawn in 2010. to give few years to design and such.

We all know Xbox 720 isnt going to be much powerful from just looking at how MS was focusing heavily on casuals. They are all about kinects and casuals. They may have few exclusives lined up on launch to draw some gamers in, but that will dry up within a year or two.

RBlaze1885d ago

The fact that they didn't deny doesn't necessarily imply that the docs were legit.

They neither confirmed them nor denied the documents, just simply ignored them. So I don't think this is even really news...


Spydiggity1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

you really need to learn how to draw conclusions. you don't have a clue how rational thinking works.

we all know? give me a break. we don't KNOW anything.

avengers19781885d ago

I imagine that they will use more up to date tech. but the general concept is probably right. If they use 2 year old tech they sort of doom them selves.

darthv721885d ago

neither confirm nor deny. It looks like the typical PR comment of "no comment" other than them talking up the 360.

Are people expecting them to pull a tony stark and admit that there is a 720? We know they are working on it but they obviously wont show anything until they feel it is time to do so.

Similar to sony and their claim of not showing the ps4 until it is significant enough of an upgrade to existing gen.

JackBNimble1884d ago

there is no R&d in current tech... they just need to figure out how to do it at an affordable price for consumers.

ON TOPIC... MS didn't give an answer either way, their just feeding you all the hype that they want.

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greenpowerz1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

You seem concerned about xbox. Are you buying one? 56 page fake was unlikely to most from the start. I thought it was real based on the number of cores and the DVR claim. Can't wait to see what the video processing will be like for the BLU RAY drive. I like watching video content on XBL more than on my stand alone Bd player because of XBL.

killerhog1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Should've gotten yourself a ps3 then dude, blu-ray and a bunch of video streaming options (some of which Ms just included).

Can't find something? That's okay use media search, Dropbox, or find what you're looking for in the web browser and save it directly to the ps3 HDD.

greenpowerz1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Why would I buy a PS3 when I want a next gen xbox? LoL

I simply said I wanted to see if the 720 Blu-Ray picture matched my stand alone BLU RAY player picture(Bdc6900) Why would I buy A PS3-a-current-gen-console with a inferior picture to my current standalone player, with PSN not being as rich. to satisfy my next gen needs?

The trolls in here suggesting or implying the leaked specs are weak don't understand 8 times more powerful is a lot. Yes things will be revised, that a given, they could have completely changed hardware components and or brands by now. Stronger than the specs leaked for the PS4 .

Just want the video processor/processing to be solid vs the inferior processing of dvds in the 360. I used my 80gig ps3 fat for BD movies, the samsung was gifted to me revealing it's picture far better than what the PS3 had

Is it just me that feels like there are more PS3 fans in xbox news than there is xbox fans at all times.

ArtificiallyYours1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

There are many, many talented individuals who can forge documents of massive size. Let's not underestimate the capabilities of a forger.

That said, this is looking increasingly real, expecting to hear and or read further news related.

tee_bag2421884d ago

MS isn't exactly known for their video processing and codecs - so don't expect the world. You shouldn't be such a blind fanboy and give Sony credit when it's due... The PS3 clearly spanked any 360 or other Blu ray player that money could buy. That's before even talking about its Media Center capabilities.
Iv whored both systems in this way, i can speak from experience here so i dont care to hear your 1 sided rebuttal either.

Kurt Russell1884d ago

If a new xbox comes out, I'm buying it.

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FamilyGuy1885d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure it WAS real, and that they've made a few changes in their plans since 2010 but that it is relatively similar to what was leaked.

afterMoth1885d ago

Pathetic. At least being as powerful as a PS3 would be much better and more appealing.

donman11885d ago

This document now has legs. They may change a few things but the majority of the information now seems legit.

GraveLord1884d ago

Of course they're legit. Why else would Microsoft get the documents taken down for copyright infringement?

JsonHenry1884d ago

would have been smarter AND cheaper just to leave it up. Having it taken down by threats from a lawyer just makes it appear true.

nukeitall1884d ago

Because it is spreading misinformation?

Misinformation can be very damaging to a company, because it sets up expectations. That's partly how Sony killed the Dreamcast, because Sony managed to drum up so much hype for the PS2.

In a similar vein, if you paint an expectation of something unreachable, and then the product releases it's going to be disappointing, even though it might be a great product!

-Superman-1884d ago

Like you read: Focus on kinect.
It will be another kinect console

nukeitall1884d ago

Hopefully Kinect will be responsive enough to satisfy the hardcore gamers needs! :D

Brownghost1884d ago

or they dont want the wrong message sent

Hayabusa 1171884d ago

I wouldn't be 100% sure about that. If I were Microsoft I'd do exactly what they did: release an official statement that doesn't out right confirm or deny it. Sheople will naturally think silence is consent, thence accept the rumour as true when in reality the final specs could be better then the rumuor. Infact, maybe MS deliberately released the document to through people off: and they're only going to through people off by showing something that seems plausable.

There's only one problem: I'm not sure any corporate company is that smart - or maybe brave is the word. In which case, these rumours are probebly true then, not a elaborate fabrication to hide their real plans.

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Neko_Mega1885d ago

If Xbox 720 specs are right and it can play 360 games too (That means all), I think I might get one. I know I might get the WIi U just for Mario and Zelda games.

What I wonder is if it has bluray in it, wouldn't that mean Sony is making money off of the Xbox 720 do to Sony owning the rights to bluray? This wouldn't be much of a shock, mostly because Sony and Microsoft do work together (but mostly on PC's).

CYCLEGAMER1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Sony does not own blu-ray, I do not know where that is coming from, bluray is a format not a brand. Its almost like saying Sony owns 3d.

TheLyonKing1885d ago

Sony and many others are the fathers of blu-ray. They own a % of the profits.

Along with others they did create the new storage medium.

guitarded771885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Don't know why theLyonKing is getting disagrees... I guess people just click disagree out of stupidity. I honestly don't know if Sony gets a %, but they are part of the group that developed and continue to oversee the development of blu-ray.

check link

darthv721885d ago

MS also has a stake in the bluray format. They initially were playing both sides (HDDVD/Bluray) due to their VC-1 codec being available for both.

Bluray support various codecs and VC-1 is one of them. MS is also a partner with disney and sony and several others over the creation and use of the AACS drm on bluray discs.

MS has their fingers in almost everything.

cee7731884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

sony gets royalties off every blu ray disc/ blu ray drive sold so yes they will make money off xbox if it includes it.

_-EDMIX-_1884d ago

@darthv72-THANK YOU! I hate when people keep making it sound like MS is not going to add Bluray because "its Sonys"

Um...yes Sony has a stake in Bluray's does about a quarter of the tech industry including MS themselves.

Bluray WILL BE IN 720. I find it sad if people think that this is some sort of big news. They said it themselves that when the time came THEY WILL add Bluray.

Sony also helped push CD-Rom back in the day AND it would mean that Sony is "making money off" 360 dvds too. Only new peps to gaming seem to think this yet disregard Sony's involvement in the very format that is in the 360 RIGHT NOW! I just can't stop laughing!