Colorful Showcases World’s First Passive Air Cooled GTX 680 Graphics Card

WCCFTech Writes: Colorful has in the past come up with a large variety of excellent GPU cooling solutions for its iGame series graphics cards. This time however they came up with the world’s first zero noise passive heat cooled GTX 680 graphics card.

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Pain_Killer2039d ago

These Asian vendors are churning up some really fancy GPU's.

All colorful's iGame Kudan series cards look beast, Colorfire's XStorm series AMD cards are awesome too.

PowerColor on the other hand has also produced their own monstrosity in the form of iDevil 13 and DemonG's newly released watercooled series of NVIDIA cards.

They would cost alot but the satisfaction while holding one of these and equipping one inside your rig, damn!

ninjahunter2039d ago

Mother of god @[email protected]
A PC with actual gaming capabilities that makes no noise at all? LE GASP.

TheOwnmaster2039d ago

HOLY Fuck! HOLY FUCK! Run for your life, Run run Save Yourself!shit Motherfucker god damn get me the fuck outta here, Whow whow whow That thing is so fucking cool, FUCK