Square Enix Hiring For First Luminous Project

Weeks after showing the world the next gen Agni’s Philosophy Final Fantasy real-time tech demo powered by the Luminous engine, several new job listing posted by Square Enix Japan seems to indicate the company is moving forward with what could be its first generation title for future consoles.

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DaThreats2131d ago

Since $E been so weird this gen
FF15 for PS4 and Xbox 720
And hold back the true potential of showcasing the engine for the first time on a multi-platform game

MaideninBlack2131d ago

Maybe, but we'll have to wait and see if there will be a big graphical difference between PS4 and 720 games, multipalt or exclusives.

Fishy Fingers2131d ago

If I were a betting man I'd imagine the PS4/720 will be as similarly powered to each other as the current gen systems. I don't think it's a coincidence.

SirBradders2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

If Square Enix where smart they would remake FF7 As a launch title on the next gens none of this bullsh** that it would take too long seeing as though the whole concept is there already. Then they would financially benefit and could pump that into something new and original.

Xof2131d ago

Remember that White Engine/Crystal Tools engine Square-Enix made, so that they could use the same engine to develop multiple games and reduce development time?

Does anyone really expect this new engine to be used in more than 2 games sometime around 2020?

SirBradders2131d ago

Pmsl let's see what they offer up this time around.

Ashunderfire862131d ago

The next generation starts 2013 -2014(most likely) I can feel it. A.i. programmer is what I always wanted to be, because there is so much potential for better A.i. in games.

Godmars2902131d ago

More and more whatever square does sounds like the actions of a crazy hot girl who's lost their looks.

I mean haven't they already said that they're using elements of this engine for vsXIII? And now they're hiring for a new project?

Where is vsXIII at this point?

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