Skyrim Dawnguard beta attracts bogus DLC keys

Product-Reviews writes: You will always find someone wanting to cash in on a need, and sadly they will offer something that does not deliver just to attract people, which is what we seem to be seeing today with bogus Skyrim Dawnguard beta keys.

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danswayuk1885d ago

I would only trust a beta invite from Microsoft or Bethesda directly.

ricky3601885d ago

I wonder if some of these free invites are real, but hidden amongst the rubbish.

danswayuk1885d ago

I guess we will never know.

guitarse1885d ago

Hey, I know you, you're the phisher of Kavatch!

tr00p3r1885d ago

Stop right there criminal scum!

danswayuk1885d ago

haha, now how many people tried it I wonder?

ricky3601885d ago

Are they all really like that though?