Serving 'damn good sushi' is the Japanese developer's path, says Team Ninja

Gamasutra: With the development of Ninja Gaiden III, Team Ninja faced a lot of challenges -- modernizing the franchise, pushing it forward without creator Tomonobu Itagaki, and trying to make it fit in with the current generation of games, one in which Japanese games have often been a poor fit.

The team chose to try and Westernize the series' aesthetics and gameplay, with disastrous results. The game was widely panned by critics as losing the soul Ninja Gaiden -- arguably Tecmo Koei's most important franchise in the West. The team lost the battle of expectations, despite delivering a solid game.

What happened?

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NYC_Gamer2005d ago

All the core members left Team Ninja along time ago with Itagaki to form Valhalla

PopRocks3592005d ago

So basically they're the Japanese version of Rare.

2005d ago
NovusTerminus2005d ago

Well, they took allot of hate to get here... But they now understand it!

Now if Capcom and Square Enix could learn this!

2005d ago