New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Hands-on [UpperPad]

Mario just never gets tired. In recent years, ignoring the spin-off and considering only the main episodes of the series, we could get my hands on the first two-dimensional platformer New Super Mario Bros. for DS, then Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 (three-dimensional, Wii ) and then again on New Super Mario Bros.Wii, another episode of "old style" for the Nintendo home console. A few months from Super Mario Land 3D, the 3DS is about to welcome back the mascot of Nintendo. This is New Super Mario Bros. 2, official sequel of the episode came out for DS and consequently a different two-dimensional platform. In short, a veritable shower of games dedicated to Mario. Such abundance is not seen even in the days of Super NES. Nintendo felt like Mario, like maybe even more so today than years ago, and is squeezed like a lemon. Us players, as the quality of evidence of Mario has always been high, we can not but be glad of so much abundance.

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