The madness of earning Metal Gear Solid HD’s kerotan frog trophy

My (Dave's). Brain. Is. Battered. It’s 6:42 in the morning, I’ve been up for roughly 22 hours and I’ve completed MGS3 HD four times but this is too far. It’s not just one of these hopping sods I have to contend with. No, I have to painstakingly find and precisely shoot 64 of the elastic-tongued tykes to unlock the It Ain’t Easy Being Green gold trinket. In one playthrough.

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Snookies122220d ago

I did this on the PS2 version, without any trophies... I hit every single one, even the very last one during that chase scene. Though for some reason it didn't count as having gotten them all. I went nuts after realizing I must have missed one at some point...

claud32220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

This is the type of achievements that i only like. I hate achievements and trophies in all sense of the word. But i give this achievement a by ball

AntoineDcoolette2220d ago

Get back to us on that when you get a few more english classes.

tarbis2220d ago

I did find them all in PS2. Took me a while but it was fun.

AusRogo2220d ago

The only hard ones are at the end that are painful when your on the motorbike!

xBigxBossx2220d ago

FYI you don't need to do it in one play through. They roll over into each new game if you use your old save file.