Wii U's specs explained

ONM analyze each of the specs to see if we're any closer to knowing about what the Wii U is packing under its hood and how this impacts gaming on the new Nintendo console.

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richierich2222d ago

We wanna see the specs of the GPU and CPU nobody gives a shit how much the tablet controller weighs or how long the battery lasts

ChickeyCantor2222d ago

Even if they gave out specs. Most people would slam the hardware if some Hertz come close to current gen but don't really understand the underlying architecture.

I just need to know if Nintendo is going to deliver F-zero or not.

WeskerChildReborned2222d ago

True, i wanna see if the Wii U is a powerhouse.

corrus2221d ago

I'll answer you NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i'll tell why because AC3 and Batman AC looks much better on PS3/360 that WII U version and cos that game Zombiu have very flat graphic why you think they not showing the space cos WII U is weaker even than current gen consoles

PopRocks3592222d ago


Ironically people have complained about those remedial things. Particularly here on N4G. :/

I'm not sure why the specs matter anyway. If you care about specs, wouldn't it be smarter to just become a PC gamer?

As far as I'm concerned, the Wii U's games look pretty solid right now. That said, I'm curious to see what Wii U games look like down the line when developers understand the hardware better.

Jirachi2222d ago

Uh the battery s actually really important...

Shnazzyone2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Skip this article! Basically makes you think it's going to release the specs but it's the same garbage we've had since E3 which the author explains like this:

"it contains lots of jargon which techy types will lap up. However, if you don't know your CPU from your GPU, we've explained it all for you here. More importantly, for those who do know about the things that power consoles, we tell you what this all means for Wii U."

It means nothing! It's the brand names of the parts they used which could be any of 5 tiers of the product. There is nothing in this article that 'Techy types will lap up". We have no hard numbers here. What's worse is he basically spreads the highly un-detailed specs currently available over TEN PAGES!!!! but writes like a paragraph or 2 for each part. He words it like it's an article for 4 year olds. Screw this author. He sucks!

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live2play2222d ago

nintendo will not deliver deatailed specs to you guys

digital foundry is usually the one to tear things apart and give the info

not nintendo

--Onilink--2222d ago

If you guys want specs, you will have to wait until the NDAs on that subject expire. Nintendo has never provided specific specs for their consoles

MrBuffalo2222d ago

Only since the Wii. Before that Nintendo made the specs for their macines common knowledge and for good reason, they had a lot to shout about. SNES, N64 and Gamecube had freely available specs and plenty of power for their time too. Its only since the Wii to my knowledge that specs have taken a back seat.

josephayal2222d ago

didn't expect much, the Wii U does not focus on graphics, Unfortunately I was ultimately very disappointed with the Wii u SPECS

Vortex3D2222d ago

Simple question to everyone, why do people so easily get hyped (and sold) after Nintendo showed some pre-rendered cutscenes from other console? Not only the early pre-rendered cutscenes proven to be fake, people insisted to want to believe Wii U is going to be better (or at least as good) as PS3 or X360? You know the development hardware are more powerful mostly for debugging and once some developers said Wii U is more powerful, people can't wait to believe it. At best some of the cross platform games such as Batman AC hasn't prove Wii U version is going to be that much different.

In the end, if Wii U isn't anything like the hypes, who's to blame? Not Nintendo because they are like any company, trying their best to hype up and hope many people buy into their hype. Casual Wii type gamers will be happy with Wii U as long it has Mario. Hardcore gamers mostly will be disappointed. Nothing new.

stragomccloud2222d ago

You know... Mario is a hardcore game too. It justso happens that it also has universal appeal. Afterall, Mario is a gaming icon and no one character since Sonic the hedgehog has been so well known and loved.

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