Made in Japan: Why Japanese games can rule the world once more

CVG: It's been a rough ride but Japan will rise again, says PSM3's man in Tokyo, Daniel Robson

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afterMoth2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Who gives a crap where it is made? Good games come from all sorts of places.

Dark Souls, Uncharted, Wipeout HD.. all made in different places.

Beast_Master2041d ago

Well some of the best games of the last 20 years where made in Japan. Now outside of nintendo, Japan has fallen way behind the west as far as developing games. I don't see Japan coming back personally. Now that games have to tell stories, to much is lost in translation and the stories just seem dumb in English.

Hicken2041d ago

Outside of Nintendo, huh? Like Sega, Square-Enix(haters be damned), Namco-Bandai, Mistwalker, Arc System Works, ATLUS, Platinum Games, Cavia, From Software, Suda 51, Polyphony, Vanillaware, NIS, GUST, and Level-5?

Given that JRPGs have ALWAYS had stories to tell, and very few of them have been hard to follow, your argument falls apart on all fronts.

Beast_Master2041d ago

Actually you made my argument stronger. All those studios make games with terrible stories. FF13, Bayonetta, White Knight Chronicles, Loli-pop chainsaw, Kingdom Hearts, Demons's Souls (doesn't have a story).

Most JRPGs used to be text then when they added voice, they got really terrible, and unpopular. Look people who like Japanese anime have always been a nitche group. I have played all the games above and watched alot of Anime, and it is all terrible. Sorry, but I just can't stand Japanese story telling. I have really tried with this stuff and I am just chalking it up to cultural translation issues. Please try sitting through 10 mins of Pokemon without throwing up in your mouth.

Hicken2041d ago

Way to be selective. Sega also made Valkyria Chronicles, which has an awesome story. The story in Kingdom Hearts isn't bad in the slightest, though they ARE drawing it out. FFXIII's story is very good, though at points it was executed poorly. WKC's story was cliche, but not badly told. Demon's Souls DOES have a story; it's just not the centerpiece of the game.

And you mentioned six games from a list of 15 companies; how is that even equal?

As for anime, all I can say is that, if you think they're all that bad, you're watching the wrong ones. Of course, since you end your comment with Pokemon, that's pretty much confirmed.

But you watch something like Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 or AnoHana and tell me the story is bad. Read My Girl by Sahara Mizu, or Haibane Renmei, and say they have poor stories. Out of the hundreds or thousands of Western-oriented shows and movies I've seen, two have made me cry. With less anime under my belt, I've been brought to tears more often. And I don't cry for anything.

What you did with anime and manga is the same thing you did with the games from Japanese devs: you took a small sampling and generalized that to be the norm.

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Yodagamer2041d ago

I just think it would be a good idea to go back to what made me love japanese games, be unique, quit trying to be western developers... Cough Capcom

maniacmayhem2041d ago

In the style and action department Japan will always shine.
I dont think Japan should rule the VG world but they can sit right along side the great western devs and turn out some great products for us consumers to enjoy.

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