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Brad Shoemaker: If this is the best Kinect can do with a "hardcore" game, you should just pack it up and wait for the next Xbox.

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Rainstorm811891d ago

Not Surprised...I've had my doubts from day 1...I just couldnt see them converting a game that had a controller with like 40 buttons to a no controller Kinect scheme successfully.

DaThreats1891d ago

Anotha Kinect shovelware

hennessey861891d ago

right to sell my kinect, I gave it a good chance. Bought it day one and waited for the games to come.......and well I am still waiting. Kinect has come a generation to soon I feel. It needs to be more powerful and need some kind of controller in put. I Don't see why kinect and some kind of controller couldn't work brilliantly

Rainstorm811891d ago

I think Sony and Microsoft have two Halves of a Whole, If both PS Move and Kinect technologies were combined, i think we would have what all gamers would prefer for motion controlled gaming.

If could be done this gen, the tech is right there.

r211891d ago

so you're saying sony and ms should 'kinect' and make a 'move' with their pieces of tech together?


Ms moto is better with kinect,so much for that 1/10 sucks @$$