Okami HD PS2/PS3 comparison screens

Here are some screens comparing the original PS3 version of Okami with it’s PS3 HD remastering.

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BinaryMind2196d ago

Did they intentionally blur the PS2 images? Because I remember the game looking quite beautiful, not like I had just removed my glasses.

doctorstrange2196d ago

Yeah, this doesn't seem right

Xof2196d ago

They're accurate. It just looks blurry because they enlarged cropped screens for the comparisons. The only real (full screen) comparison images are the very last two.

BinaryMind2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Enlarging them certainly seemed to create the illusion that they were real. Thereby making the comparisons inaccurate and pointless. Kotaku's post on the comparisons seems way more accurate:

abzdine2196d ago

One is probably 720p and the other one is 480i native so it makes sense when you zoom on both. Cell Shading rendered in HD gives a great result!

I'm hoping for Dragon Quest VIII in HD remaster soon, we haven't seen much from the japanese devs regarding HD remasters, hope they announce something during TGS!

Aggesan2196d ago

No remasters from the japanese devs? Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, FFX, Ico & SotC and ZotE says hello.

abzdine2195d ago

@ Aggesan: sorry man i was writing and talking at the same time :)
I meant Japanese RPG developers and editors haven't released anything, that's why i wrote about DQ8.


I think so. I used component video cables on a 27" screen. It didn't look as good as the HD remake but it definately didn't look as bad as the PS2 version in the video. I'd imagine they used the composite cables that came with the PS2. That would be a reasonable reason for that kind of picture.

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quiddd2196d ago

Would this game look good in 3d?

SapphireDark2196d ago

Better not to enlarge these images, because it makes the comparison hard to believe. I am playnig the game now on my PS2 and old 50Hz Sony TV and it still looks great. I appreciate the PS3 HD remake of this game and added MOVE support, but the original will stay the original! And I love Okami as it is on PS2.

DeadSpaced2196d ago

I'm trying to contain my excitement in only three words: I can't wait.

DivineAssault 2196d ago

The game was awesome.. It was blurry in the original too.. The draw distance was blurred in as u get close.. I hope u dont have to use the move control cuz i dont have it & i want this game again

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