New Games or Old Games? Who Wins?

People have always said that the old games are the best, that the classics are better than the new games from the same franchise, well, on PS3 and Xbox 360 anyway. Call of Duty springs to mind when we think, “the old games are the best, the new ones are rubbish!” – this is not particularly due to campers now, is it?

Developers are currently developing a lot of great games, true, but most of the gaming community forever beg them to go back to their roots and develop something like what they developed back in the day, but futurized, so there are new features and such. Sure, you can argue that that is what they’ve done all along, but think back. Is it? Some games were terrible back in the day and have only just hit storm, for example last year Gran Turismo was at it’s climax of gaming history, before that however, the Gran Turismo games were, well, terrible.

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Hufandpuf2102d ago

"I guarantee people would buy an old game like CoD4 with remastered graphics and a bit more DLC."

They already do, except the DLC is a full priced game.

I still play COD4 and it even looks and plays better than the more recent ones.

TopDudeMan2102d ago

Yeah, CoD4 was the high point. World at war was somewhat different, but the games have been getting old ever since then.

Thatguy-3102102d ago

Even though games have advanced in so many ways I will always prefer the games from Last generation. It's amazing the experiences they provided. This Gen is just full of sequels,DLC,FPS etc.

Vlaitor2102d ago

Let's not forget the MODS, Dedicated Servers, low latency, Competitive Community etc.
COD4 isn't really old and we can definitively feel the draw back of modern games.

claud32102d ago

Old games always, new games are just that new and not not exciting as blowing the dust of a old game and playing it again

TopDudeMan2102d ago

The new games of today are the old games of tomorrow. How are you gonna feel in about 10 years time when todays games aren't around any more and are replaced by new IPs? You'll be looking back with nostalgia at the games you're playing right now and you'll have that same feeling.

claud32102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Todays games i will not play in ten years time simpe as. They do not appeal that much to me to play them in ten years time

SirBradders2102d ago

Last generation simply for the reason that I was at school had all the time in the world to play a variety of games and mummys purse at my disposal. I am not disapointed at this gens line up just the fact I havn't been able to try them all. Some game developers are blatantly trying to cash cow these days but that's kids for you and trends etc... I.E. COD, kids will eventually grow out of it and some other game will take its place. The best game last gen for me that I'll never forget was ff10 for me that was the pinnacle of RPGs on last gen.

kikizoo2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Todays games>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>old games

not all games for sure, but way more games, better tech, more $$ to make it = more good games (today, free games, or psn/xbl 10$ games are better than most of the best games from 90's)

everyone pretending the contrary is ignorant or just nostalgic about his life ten years before...(same thing for movies, series, etc)

Commodore2101d ago

Wrong...older games are better because they focused on gameplay, rather than graphics. Just because a $10 game looks better than any game from the 90's doesn't mean it more fun. Banjo Kazooie is still one of my favorite games ever.

And games like SOCOM 2 are so much better than online shooters today and nostalgia has nothing to do with it because I still play it...8 years later. It plays better and used so many features that games today have yet to implement.

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