Sakurai 'doing his best' to bring old characters back to Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has said that he is planning to do his best to bring old Nintendo characters back to Smash Bros Wii U.

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mike1up2096d ago

So he means old as in retro, and not old as in the Smash Bros. and Melee.

I already thought that the Smash Bros. series did a pretty good job of that.

guitarded772096d ago

Yeah, Smash Bros has a solid line-up, but more characters couldn't hurt.

Ness6192096d ago

Keep adding more Earthbound/Mother content =)

Drummerdude412096d ago

...They're already pretty retro. Actually almost completely retro. I don't care if they add retro characters it just shouldn't be their vision cause thats what it has been the past 3 games and that's why i like the premise of all-stars( although SB has a way better system).

manasteel882096d ago

What new characters do they have? Not trying to troll, but they haven't made a new IP with international appeal in a long time.

Digging in to nostalgia is really the only option.

TruthbeTold2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

As opposed to what? Sony's Smash Bros knock off with the majority of characters being less than a decade old?

Not digging in to nostalgia is really the only option.

See what I did there? Just enjoy what you enjoy and refrain from the crap talking please...

manasteel882096d ago

Who is talking about Sony's game? Either way, only 8 characters have been revealed for that game with hopefully more to come. If not, I agree that Sony would have a pretty sad roster when they can bring in plenty of games from all of their 20 years of gaming.

Smash Bros is in its fourth iteration with this game and they have covered many of their current popular franchises. Without a whole lot of new IP's recently, what is the alternative? The nostalgia games.

Not sure what the point of your comment was other than to try and flip my statement to compare it to a Sony title for some reason.

AWBrawler2096d ago

I say they need to add new characters as well. Here are my suggestions:

Ashley Robins (why not? Phoenix Wright was on MVC)
Tom Nook
Chibi Robo
Dante Cruz

and for 3rd party:
L'arc Bright Lagoon
Lloyd Irving
Travis Touchdown
DragonQuest charcter (generic character from one of the new races in the new game coming to wii and wii u)
Viewtiful Joe

GillHarrison2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

I don't even know half of the people you listed, but Capcom characters need to make an entrance into the franchise.

AWBrawler2095d ago

exactly why they need to be in smash bros, so more people will know about their games.

for the record the top half are nintendo and the bottom half are from in order:
Arc Rise Fantasia
Tales of Symphonia
Spyro's Adventure
No More Heroes
Viewtiful Joe.

and just incase you don't know the Nintendo ones, they are:
Trace Memory/ Another Code
Mario spinoffs
Kid Icarus Uprising
Last Story
Wii series
Chibi Robo
Custom Robo
Steel Diver

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