Ubisoft will release 'one or two' new IPs every year

New IPs are 'part of our future,' says Ubisoft exec.

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LiamIRL822217d ago

Ubisoft - the best developer on the planet. Am I right?!

MariaHelFutura2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

No. But they do have a good thing going.

Rainstorm812217d ago

I agree...Besides new IPs is what all game developers should be about, or else the one 1-3 brands that you are known for will get stale and stagnant.... It happened to EA with NFS it happened to Activision with all their music Hero games and to an extent happened to Ubisoft with Splinter Cell and the milking of AC2 storyline, but hopefully AC3 will breath new life into that series

M4I0N32217d ago

I think Ubisoft have managed to keep a good momentum going in the story department for most of their games

claud32217d ago

This is great news. Will it be for current and next gen consle, if so i am up for top quality games. No cheap games

Honest_gamer2217d ago

i just hope there not frp games >.< however ANY new ip is welcomed i'll give it a chance so heres hoping they deliver, however i expect them to be similar to assassins creed, rayman and there other successful ip's, it wont be risk taking like with LBP or heavy rain as when they tried taking risks the games bombed badly

TopDudeMan2217d ago

That's good to know. I think they're right.

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The story is too old to be commented.