Mike Tyson To WWE13

Want to have Mike Tyson vs The Rock? Now You can, roster update to WWE 13 shows Mike Tyson. Here are the Vids and screenshots:

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FutureWWEChampion2220d ago

Will we be hearing anymore new's on wwe 13 soon?

FutureWWEChampion2219d ago

I feel like removing myself from all the wwe thq games business they have people just sitting here waiting for some new content to come but nothin they might as well have just stood quiet about the game until summerslam insted of revealing it so early with so little information about the game it's like go ahead people pre order the game but we arent gonna tell you wut your in store for till 2 months before the game is on the shelves ugh i'm a huge wwe im even going as far as joining wrestling schools including fcw just to be apart of wwe in some way. but as for the games they always have people hangin on a thread with broken promises about the best game ever i hope that this is a great game cuz im tired of waiting just to hear any news about the game.