Nintendo Offering “insane incentives” to Publish on Wii U eShop

Nintendo is pushing digital retail games aggressively with the Wii U and its new eShop service, according to a source who spoke with Wii U Daily. The source, working at a European developer who previously informed on Wii U Achievements (a report which was later confirmed by Nintendo), said that Nintendo is taking digital downloads seriously this time. He said Nintendo wants to offer all retail games — first and third party titles– available as downloadable titles on the console via the Wii U eShop.

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Maxned2218d ago

Very good news. This should improve indie support. There's already "Chasing Aurora" coming to the Wii U and it looks fantastic.

guitarded772218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Yeah, it's good news, but I'm old and still prefer the retail copy... it doesn't use HD space and I feel like I really got something for my money. That said, a lot of players seem to prefer the digital copies and having retail and digital download is a win/win.

I'm most excited about the link in the article about the Wii U's trophy/achievement system. I love those little digital rewards and that was the one feature that makes the Wii U a must have for me... adding DLC rewards for your gamer score doesn't hurt either. Can't wait for a price and release date announcement.

I'd really like to see trophies/achievements for the classic Nintendo games. I still play "The Legend of Zelda" at least once a year and it would add something new to the game since I've been playing it annually since 1986. I'm not holding my breath, but it'd be cool.

Moncole2218d ago

They are already ahead in the indie department because they don't force indie devs to have publishers. It is like this in WiiWare and the eShop, I an sure it will be the same with the Wii U.

stuntman_mike2218d ago

they just need to get the pricing right.

--Onilink--2218d ago

yeah, Nintendo tends to overprice digital games, especially VC games, so lets hope they get it right

AWBrawler2218d ago

I smell Success in this plan!

rmedtx2218d ago

This smells like shovelware.

--Onilink--2218d ago

you know, i find it funny how much Nintendo is pushing for the digital shop but wont include a hard drive with the console. I know you can use an external drive or SD cards, but you would think they would at least give us a small drive, like the 1st PS3 and 360. I know they want to lower costs, but its not like hard drives are that expensive

well, im getting an external drive anyway, so lets just be happy Nintendo is going strong with its shop

Hisiru2218d ago

It's just rumour for now. We don't have official announcement saying Nintendo will only release 1 WiiU version. Maybe they will offer some other options.

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