Have we forgotten the point of gaming? writes: I’ve been a gamer since before I could talk coherently. My parents have often told me tales of how I would escape my crib at ungodly hours to beat them at Super Mario Bros. with ease. Since then I’ve moved into a career that is centred around my passion, love and understanding of the video game medium. Investigating, writing about and playing games is what I do for a hobby and also my job.

That’s why I was so taken aback when I struggled to come up with an answer to what should have been a seemingly simple question for a hardcore gamer.

“Why do you play games?“

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SandWitch2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

The point is that when you are kid you don't need hardcore games because you can't play them anyway (they are usually too difficult and hard-to-understand for children). But it changes once you grow up. That's why gaming journalists and the vast majority of people calling themselves gamers are more interested in GTA 5 and The Last of Us. Sometimes I play Counter-Strike 1.6 just for fun - it has no story and graphics are crap, but the multiplayer is ridiculously simple and fun. However, every news of GTA 5 or The Last of Us catches my attention and I want those games. I enjoy playing hardcore games mostly because realistic graphics and gameplay makes me feel like I am in the game's world, forgetting about my own problems.

Some people are enough of playing fun-only games and we call them "casual gamers". They don't need to be involved in story or feel like they are the heroes of war. My mom plays Solitaire for 10 years already and still enjoys it.

kevnb2073d ago

counter strike is much more hardcore than gta 5 or the Last of Us, I think gamers are confused.

gamerben2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

people are way to strict about what is hardcore and what is not. you know what? it doesn't even matter, just play the game. this is as ridiculous as blast processing.

AWBrawler2072d ago

Definition of Hardcore should be defined by the Gamers habits, not the game. As I stated before I know hardcore tetris players.

ON TOPIC: yes most have forgotten the purpose of gaming, which is to have fun. I game to escape reality as well,but I'd rather escape to a fantastic unrealistic world like Mario, Pokemon, Pikmin, Zelda, Slycooper, Rathceht and Clank, Spyro, or even Halo, than escape to a realistic looking world.

Shnazzyone2072d ago

This is precisely the kind of shit that will kill games. When I hear arguments like this claiming as you get older you want hardcore games. It says to me that not only are you insecure about your own level of maturity, you also are pushing games to be more like movies. Which is what is slowly killing the medium. To me games simply must allow for escapism, test my skill, and make me think. Most of all, I want to have fun.

Just because it's gritty, has guns, and an adult storyline does not necessarily make it immediately good. However with comments like this you'd think it was somehow correlated.

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mephish2073d ago

i had fun playing Bioshock, UC's and had fun watching heavy rain.

theWB272073d ago

I honestly feel sorry for the gamers who aren't having as much fun now as they did years ago. As realistic as these games have gotten, they're all all fantasy. They aren't real, we aren't talking with aliens, no man can slip off a cliff as much as drake, our health doesn't regenerate if we hide behind a wall. I guess I don't get as angry as some others if there's a glitch in an animation, an arm goes through a wall. Because I know humans are making these on limited hardware. Unless they were working with the power that avatar or Pixar works with then i'm expecting anomalies. It takes a few bad releases for developers to start getting laid off. Id say instead of hoping the grass is greener on the other side, start having fun with the fact that most of the games we play still have tons of fantasy elements, lower your seriousness.

linkratos2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

I seriously just don't enjoy many of the offerings on PS360. Wii and Steam were where most of the games I enjoyed were. Which I have no problem with and why I am starting to care less and less what 3rd party support the Wii U gets. The only part I regret about no longer having a PS3 or 360 is XBLA and PSN. I would love to play Journey and Fez.

kevnb2073d ago

I still have alot of fun playing on PC and Wii, sometimes even ps3/xbox 360.

AWBrawler2072d ago

lol sounds like we have the same idea, though I doubt you play the weird shit I play on the PC. Fun is Fun tho.

NYC_Gamer2073d ago

I'm having a blast playing a mix of indie and full retail software

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