The Evolution Of Cortana

Cortana plays a pivotal role in Halo 4. Her decent into rampancy will test the Chief in ways he's never faced.

Cortana has a more human appearance in The Reclaimer Trilogy. According to Frank O'Connor, "the fact that she's a beautiful blue naked lady is tactically designed to give her an advantage over people in conversations, because it's a little bit distracting".

Here's a series of pictures that charts the evolution of Cortana throughout the series.

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I gotta say i kinda dig the new approach 343 is doin.... i didnt dig slutona to much in 3....the cortona effect they had going on made the campaign suck a lil ass. but um 2 was the definitive cortona tho 4 is right up there with it

crxss2040d ago

Cortana, from being very unattractive to very attractive. way to go 343i lol

Hicken2040d ago

CortAna. CortAna. CortAna.

Whore_Mouth2036d ago

I know. People have been writing Cortona everywhere.

Hanuman2040d ago

Jen Taylor needs a different haircut!

MWH2040d ago

is there anything more beautifull than long hair on a woman's head?

Convas2040d ago

Err yeah, some women look better with low cuts mang ...

MWH2040d ago

@Convas that is also true.

Hanuman2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

@Segamon: Sometimes, but also 1: It needs more work meaning a longer wait when you go out. 2: Long hair is a bitch during sexy time. 3: She looks like shit in the morning. 4: It itches your face when laying next to her. 5: After taking a shower she walks around for hours looking like a middle eastern terrorist, 6: Short haircuts tend to draw attention to the face and in particular the eyes thus making pretty women look even prettier. And 7: She'll make you cut off the split ends and when you've done it once your doomed for life...

mewhy322040d ago

This was very interesting. It's always good to see the behind the scenes of games. I enjoyed it. There's definitely been an evolution of Cortana over the years...for the better LOL.

MWH2040d ago

good points and you have my sympathies on some of them. i wonder, how does a middle-eastern terrorist look like exactly?

Algonath2040d ago

Cortana from Halo 2 is easily the most beautiful. 10/10 :3

Hated H3's version. Wtf bungie...glad 343 made Halo 4. I won't forgive you for screwing up H3, Cortana, and The Prophet of Truth's real voice.