Is It A Mistake For The Vita To Go After Triple-A Shooters?

It seems clear that Sony wants the Vita to appeal to hardcore shooter fans, but is that even possible? Do those fans want to play top-tier FPSs on a 5" screen?

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Chaostar2039d ago

I don't see why it can't appeal to shooter fans, you can use the argument that it's better on "big screens with fantastic audio setups" for most kind of games.

I can understand the the writers wish for more Vita specific niche genre games but, like most of the gaming press, they've jumped the gun where Vita is concerned. Four months after release and it's nearly had as many expectations thrown at it as the PS3 did.

We all know patience is not in the gamer's vocabulary but new hardware needs a little bit of breathing space before it can blossom, especially after a massive launch line-up.

GuruStarr782039d ago

Personally, I thought Resistance Burning Skies was overall well-done.. With some tweaks, it could have been perfect.. The online Multiplayer has been really fun as well...

Given more time, a developer could really knock it out of the park with a good FPS for the Vita..

Sanquine902039d ago

Indeed , i agree with your opinion.

Jessemcs9512039d ago

I also have burning skies and it's a solid game that I enjoy. Shooters can certainly appeal to people on this system however it may depend on how they play their vita. Do they play a lot at home or would they rather play their consoles. If you take a console like shooter on the go that would be great right but so many shooters nowadays are focused on their multiplayer component. Now think about if this is true what's the point of having this magnificent game on a portable if you probably won't be able to access its greatest asset which is multiplayer. Shooters would be great on this console but actually make the on the go experience feel pretty dull.

Skrimps2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I made an account just to comment on this, NO IT IS NOT A FREAKING MISTAKE! People rant and RAVE about their experience with Gravity Rush and even Resistance online! We are waiting and ready for a handheld top tier FPS! You CANNOT TELL ME that you would play COD zombies on an iPhone, but not the FULL experience? You are kidding yourself. It is a dream of mine to hone my skills while taking a dump if I please. It is 2012 people, tether your phone to your ps vita if you want complete multiplayer freedom. Problem solved.