Yakuza 5: Drive a Taxi as Kiryu, Dance as Haruka

In Yakuza 5, Haruka has come to Osaka to pursue her dream of becoming an idol. This week's Famitsu reveals that the game has somewhat of an Idolmaster-like production component, where you make Haruka take on daily lessons, then take part in auditions and performances via a rhythm mini game that shows Haruka dancing around as you press buttons with good timing.

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JadedWriter2188d ago

Kiryu drives? I thought he just walked around kicking faces in.

ctorretta2188d ago

Boo, I want to FIGHT as Haruka. I don't want to do a dancing minigame with her -- do something interesting with her character Sega!

I'd love a Yakuza 6 with Haruka as the main protaganist, chasing down the yakuza that killed Kiryu.