PlayStation 3's Eureka Seven AO Hybrid Disc Dated

Famitsu has first actual details this week on the Eureka Seven AO hybrid disc that Namco Bandai announced last month alongside the Rinne no Lagrange hybrid disc.

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omarzy2102d ago

Why just ps3? They cannot make a standard DVD?

sinncross2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Because its a PS3 game/ movie hybrid? And bluray is more associated with the PS3 than DVD?

Seriously, some people need to learn to read an article instead of just the title.

omarzy2102d ago

Why do you keep asking me questions?

KiasuKiasiMan2102d ago

Ummm, DVD has 4.7GB of storage. Blu-Ray has 25GB. Which disc do you think can store, an OVA, bonus footage and a game?

I highly doubt even a dual-layer DVD can fit that in.

So by method of elimination, the PS3 is the only console capable of doing this by sheer disc capacity. And the fact that putting this on the 360 in Japan, is as good as raking up bad debts.

Canary2102d ago

You know, when the first Hybrid Pack came out, I gave 'em the benefit of the doubt. I said, "It's great you're working on a PS3 game. I understand it's hard. I'll gladly buy your little demo to help you develop a full game."

After three consecutive Macross Hybrid packs, I'm done.

Screw you, hybrid packs. Screw you.