Forza Horizon – the Top Gear preview

Imagine all the fantastic Forza physics applied to driving cars on the road and dirt, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect. We only got to drive the new SRT Viper on a short section of the game, but there are another 199 cars to be unlocked and a stunning 65 different road and trail surfaces for you to master your car craft on. There are plenty of drones for you to race in the game - either on a motorway, back roads, or around a hay-baled off circuit like the TT - but you will also be able to race against your mates whether they are sitting next to you or 10,000 miles away.

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360GamerFG2191d ago

200 cars? Yeah not buying it.

Gran Touring2191d ago

200 cars is more than plenty, i bet you wouldn't even try half of them.

greenpowerz2191d ago


After reading your comment history It's hard to believe you would touch A 360 let alone play Forza. That's plenty of cars for this type of game.

Hicken2191d ago

What are you talking about? All he does is troll PS3 articles; why WOULDN'T he touch a 360?

On topic, 200 cars is definitely a lot.

Bonerrr2191d ago

Forza 4 delivered for me to such an extent it still leaves me shocked.
Horizon will most likely do the same with the added bonus of an open world.