Will Surface Impact Gaming?

Yesterday Microsoft announced its foray into tablet hardware with a product it hopes will revolutionize the market. But how will Surface affect gaming?

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sloth33952076d ago

i dont see the point of it when it comes to movies since it just gives you more info on the movie but if you wanted to read it then you wouldnt be watching the movie

Grimhammer002076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )


Applies to game use. Maps, inventory screens....anything that takes your eyes away from games on TV seems stupid - unless your playing single player games. And even then it's rather silly.
If its free sure, a inventory screen for rpg might be ok....but not needed, more fun or required.

Nope. Just an attempt to throw doubt into wiiU fans.
Which isn't needed - Nintendo did a great job of making the wiiU look pointless themselves.

Akiba962076d ago

I swear to god, every newly announced device with a screen gets atleast five articles asking if or how it will impact gaming!

cervantes992076d ago

I know!

I wonder when the articles will pop up about refrigerators killing console gaming because they have screens now.

dredgewalker2076d ago

This tablet looks like its being run by windows 8 based on the picture.

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