Reviewing Reviewers: Are Game Critics Fairer than Movie Critics? | gamrReview

gamrReview: "Game review is not a joke, in fact I'd argue it's more credible than film review."

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Spectator11948d ago

Can't say I'm convinced; I find film critics more credible.

Runa2161948d ago

Naturally I disagree. They may have more reputation, but film reviews are almost never in sync with their audience.

Spectator11948d ago

Fair point, I'd agree with that - they often ARE their audience - but Torillian below is right: film critics are more likely to actually be qualified.

Dlacy13g1948d ago

Both have their flaws, both ultimately judge based on personal opinions backed by some fact in terms of technique, etc... But I will say game critics can be a bit platform bias based on preference... you dont see that with film.

Torillian1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Don't film critics usually go to school for film at least? I don't think most game reviewers went to school for game design. Thus I always have to give the nod to film critics for credibility.