Ōkami HD Puts The Celestial Paintbrush Back Into Players’ Hands With PlayStation Move

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today announced that award winning Ōkami will be re-born this autumn as a digital download on PlayStation Network for £15.99 /€19.99. Already one of the most beautiful games ever created, the addition of HD graphics will make this new version of Ōkami even more stunning. Ōkami HD will also feature PlayStation Move integration as well as a full suite of PlayStation 3 system trophies.

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iXenon2128d ago

500 degrees and one minute? What the...

Maxned2128d ago

It's gotta be some kind of glitch. I've never seen this, especially for something not-so-newsworthy

MAJ0R2128d ago

You underestimate how popular Okami is, especially with the announcement of Playstation Move support?

Maxned2128d ago


No... This was announced over a day ago and was the top news story at that time. This is the same exact thing.

Do you actually think something that came out in only 1 minute got 500 degrees with no glitch?

The proof is right there. It's been 20 minutes and now the degrees is at 510.

-Alpha2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

^ I am pretty sure it's a method of boosting your own story on N4G somehow, which could get you banned from N4G. I remember somebody telling me about it once

hulk_bash19872127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Okami was one of the great gems of the PS2 era. So yeah, an HD remake is a pretty newsworthy thing.

Sony/Capcom: Please release a vita version. Using the vitas touch screen for the celestial brush actions just seems like a great fit.

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black9112127d ago

I hope it has a ps plus discount or that ps plus members get it free

admiralthrawn872128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

Sony fanboys "this wasn't meant for the wii, it feels great with the thumbsticks"

2012 - "This will be wonderful with the PS wand, put it on the Vita for the back touch screen too"

"Ocarina of Time is simply a means of milking the franchise, despite completely redoing the graphics engine and redesigning the world."
"sly cooper, okami, god of war, mgs, ico, shadow of the colossus, ratchet and clank." all those games that simply had readjusted resolutions were fine. Can't wait to buy uncharted trilogy Superduper HD pack on the ps4

PirateThom2128d ago

Why are you so upset?

And it would work better with the front screen on Vita.

darthv722128d ago

i dont sense any feeling of being upset. What i do see is the typical double standard for games.

As in, if a game was on one platform and became highly regarded and then was available on another platform. Seem all of a sudden the game isnt as regarded anymore.

If you like the game then you would think you would "like the game" not so much the platform the game is on.

okami on ps2 = good. okami on wii = bad. okami hd on ps3 = good again. And yet in all 3 examples it is still okami.

himdeel2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

I'd prefer this game on Vita but welcome it on PS3.

kikizoo2127d ago

Only dumb fanboyz are dreaming of sony's fans saying "wii : bad", they don't care about others consoles (unlike X360delusional&haters fanboyz, and some nintendo's ones)

ChickeyCantor2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

"Only dumb fanboyz are dreaming of sony's fans saying "wii : bad"

Must be a new batch of people then?
Ever since 2006 PS3 and 360 fans have been bashing the Wii.
And it looks like people like you are just covering it up.

I don't care what person X thinks of console Y. But clearly people are spinning the BS that has been plaguing N4G for years. And it looks like that every 5 years people seem to change their tune.

Looking at the disagrees he got. I think that is just ridiculous. Cause those same people surely bashed the Wii way back Wednesday.

@PirateThom below
That's the point. People bashed the wii-mote. But now it's cool it's on Move?
Double standards =).

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Machioto2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

Are you angry because it's coming to the ps3 and what does the last part have to do with anything?

darthv722128d ago

i think what the admiral was going on about was that when the game was coming out for the wii, the gamers that played the original okami said it just didnt seem right. As in to not only take this great game and port it to the wii but to also make it a motion type of game.

So now that it is coming to the ps3 with move support...its okay that the game is given motion control. See the kind of double standard there?

I mean it is just the way things are. people will try to downplay something that isnt on their platform as if to say they dont care. Yet when their platform gets a copy they are all happy.

As for the last part of his post....yeah i dont know about that. Unless he is just going off at the whole hd remake thing in general. I personally dont mind them.

DigitalAnalog2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Maybe you place to much emphasis on "gamers". Are they of the collective "hive" mind group? Just because a bunch of "gamers" said that the Wii version didn't seem right doesn't mean the entire spectrum of "gamers" came to that consensus. How do you know that the ones supportive of the Move are the ones that have something to do with double-standard?

A-Glorious-Dawn2127d ago


Very good point. There is a double standard among fanboys in general, obviously.

But to spin this argument out on the people supportive of move intigration is short sighted.
How do you know they are the same people who were complaining? also, why even bother to care?


ChickeyCantor2127d ago


It's pretty evident when everyone was complaining about how bad it was on the Wii.

I think that the same people were jumping on wagons and eventually forget what they were talking about.
To say they are not the same people seems rather laughable.

I completely agree with admiral. I've seen the bashing of Okami. It's a simple case of double standards.

PirateThom2127d ago

I'm pretty sure no one ever bashed Okami, but the motion controls that had been tacked on.

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GuyManDude2128d ago

I don't recall people saying OoT was a "milking" of the franchise, though I admittedly don't post here often. I do however remember people saying "The only two quality games the 3DS has are ports (OoT and SF4)".

I also remember people bashing the price of OoT ($40), considering PS3 HD collections consist of two or three games for the same price.

But I don't recall the milking argument.

Knushwood Butt2128d ago

New Play Control!

With teh widescreen support!!

Are those games exempt from your argument?

j-blaze2127d ago

i think Capcom will regret making this an exclusive because it will flop sales wise, those fanboys just don't appreciate games like this, all they want is this kind of games....a guy with a gun running and shooting every living thing, climbing stuff like a monkey and say oh crap all the time

Knushwood Butt2127d ago


It's currently the #1 game at Amazon Japan.

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Moerdigan2128d ago

The amazing thing about this remake it that is doesn't really look like it has aged much. Art direction goes a long way.

Fyflin2128d ago

This might be worth picking up a move for, they'll be dirt cheap by the time it comes out.

DFresh2128d ago

Hope you can still play with a dualshock controller.
I don't want to rush out and get PS Move just for light gun games.

PirateThom2128d ago

You can, it's not forcing Move on you, just as an option.

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