Okami HD Coming To North America This Fall, Exclusively To The PS3

Capcom just announced that Okami HD will be coming to the PlayStation 3 this fall in North America.

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smashcrashbash1950d ago

*back flip* Awesome. Okami was beautiful on the PS2. Just imagine what it will look like on the PS3. You guys HAVE to make a sequel of this. VITA or PS3 but just make a sequel. And not like Okamiden. Just plain Okami.

TrendyGamers1950d ago

Hopefully the HD release will be used to gauge interest in a sequel and it ends up doing really well.

DigitalRaptor1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

No need to imagine smashcrash, there's a trailer which shows the comparison, and needless to say it looks beautiful.

Includes PlayStation Move support too, which is surprising for Capcom. They should've had that option for the Resi 4 HD version.

camel_toad1949d ago

Yep that's awesome. Friend of mine never played the original so this'll be perfect. Great game that no one should miss out on.

TrendyGamers1949d ago

I kind of hope that they pull a Sound Shapes and bring it to the Vita as well.

CaptainSheep1950d ago

This is awesome. Haven't heard this good news in weeks now. So saving my PSN 20$ for this game.

BringingTheThunder1950d ago

this news gives hope to a series that needs more games!!!

typikal821950d ago

Take my money! Take it!

HaHa_Ostrich1950d ago

I remember playing Okami. It was a never ending journey. Where other games would have finished, Okami just kept going. Such a magical game.

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