Battlefield 3 – DICE Dev Hints At Conquest Domination On Vanilla and Back to Karkand Maps

MP1st - Could the brand new game mode Conquest Domination, introduced in the recent Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion pack, be making its way to Vanilla and Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 maps? According to lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz, there is a chance.

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Hufandpuf2223d ago

variety is the spice of life.

dirthurts2223d ago

Yes they still left out rush on the close quarters maps..

venom062223d ago

they dont need rush on the CQ maps.... they're WAYY too small... but, CQ DOM on the vanilla maps would be great.... like what has already been said, "Variety is the spice of life".. that's what makes this game great... you can either play Large Vehicular warfare maps or smaller gun on gun fun maps.... too bad CoD doesn't offer that variety...

Farsendor12223d ago

why even bring cod in the discussion? anyways im going back to bf3 over the weekend on pc.

dirthurts2223d ago

They could have made rush work. Just throw in some long hallways, choke points, or something.
Or perhaps a variation where you have to destroy a wall to progress to the next area, instead of an mcom. Breach?

Detoxx2223d ago

Come on.. Why no Conquest Assault for the vanilla maps? That would be awesome

Apocwhen2223d ago

Will this be a Premium only feature?

KyRo2223d ago

Im slightly baffled by this. CD is the exact same as conquest bar the counter ticking faster to capture. What would be the point?

Pandamobile2223d ago

It's much smaller. 3 capture points as opposed to 7 would change up the game quite a bit.

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