E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed 3 Preview: The evolution of a revolution (OXCGN)


"Finally, we’re at the point in time where Assassin’s Creed 3 is announced, tangible, and will actually release this Fall.

It’s bursting at the seams with new content, and at E3 2012, we received a behind-closed-doors appointment for the game."

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gaminoz1945d ago

I'm so pumped for this game, but I wish it included The siege of Quebec City from the Seven Years War in the part they are doing that precedes the revolution

DeusExer1945d ago

I was amazed when I saw the ability to Captain your own naval vessel, looks really well done.

I'm glad from the sounds of things that the Tower Defense mechanic from Revelations won't be appearing once again. Just felt that it didn't fit the game itself.

Here's hoping we can train attack dogs to rip the throats out of enemies.

gaminoz1945d ago

Yeah it didn't really make it more fun, just disjointed and slower

BadCircuit1945d ago

This game really looks like it is shaping up....I just hope it isn't too biased toward the revolutionaries

kingdavid1945d ago

I remember oxcgn called the next assassins creed being in the american revolution 3-4 years ago. Kudos to them.

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