Starbreeze "proud" of Syndicate despite poor sales

Edge: "CEO admits studio's FPS reboot of beloved strategy series meant 'a small but very vocal group [would] hate us whatever route we took.'"

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I dug it. I thought the campaign wasnt boring full of excitment the game mechanics were spot on ..And it looks like the borrowed from mirrors edge. the four player co-op was competitive and i think if they put more effort into it the could have had a steller multiplayer. the graphics were there, the guns were decent. id give it a late 8.8/10

xursz2220d ago

Gametrailers' review of the game was really good.

egidem2220d ago

You rarely hear such a thing from studios, who've got a reputation for not caring about the game but about how much it has sold.

Statix2220d ago

"If we didn't do an exact copy of the game, they'd hate us. If we did do an exact copy, they'd say we didn't innovate."

The problem is, you neither innovated, nor did you remain faithful to the original.

Rampaged Death2220d ago

Some parts of the game was okay but most of it was boring. I would have liked it to be more cinematic.

csreynolds2220d ago

Personally, I thought it was cool. MP lagged like a mofo, but the campaign was cool and introduced some interesting mechanics/features. Ok, so it wasn't much like the 1993 version, but it was a worthwhile play nonetheless...

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