Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 won't support Flash

Gamezone reveals that Microsoft will probably not support Flash in its upcoming release of Internet Explorer for Xbox 360. A Microsoft spokesperson in germany confirmed to Gamezone that at this point Microsoft relies only on HTML5. There's still a chance for flash on Xbox 360, but right now they rather don't want to comment any more on this matter.

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Qrphe1944d ago

I knew I had to keep my expectations low lol

MrMister1944d ago

Why no flash? Even my damn Android phone has flash

dirthurts1943d ago

Because they are pushing for HTML 5.
Flash has needed to go for a long time now anyway. HTML 5 does everything flash does, but better, faster, and more secure without all the pesky updates and crashes.

mayberry1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I buy movies from the Sony store, amazon's movie app, hulu, vudu, crackle etc.. all on the ps3. But I also watch em free on the web browser(just watched "DUNE")! I wonder if ms doesn't want us getting them for free?

Godmars2901944d ago

The only thing you can watch on the browser, as far as I know, are Crackle and Youtube. There are some Google videos if you know where to look and porn sites - so I've been told - but Hulu actively blocks anything that's not a PC browser.

WeskerChildReborned1944d ago

Sony allow's for you to watch certain videos on certain sites.

Fishy Fingers1944d ago

Ha, PS3 has without doubt the worst browser available today, yes certain sites 'work' but the quality is terrible on 99% of them.

I can't even handle a YouTube video on it, it's that bad.

Redempteur1944d ago

@Fishy Fingers
Youtube works perfectly on the ps3 broswer , stop saying nonsense...

Fishy Fingers1943d ago

Yes it "works", but looks terrible on it, it defaults to the absolute minimum quality. Its rubbish. Compare it to a PC, tablet, even mobile phone and its clear.

I'm not talking nonsense, I'm being honest. It was poor at launch, and its poor now. If you find it exceptable, more fool you.

MariaHelFutura1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Youtube "works", but not very well. In all reality it is not meant to be your primary browser. I just use it to google stuff and check N4G when I'm in between games or whatever...

kreate1943d ago

animeseason works really well on the ps3 browser with good visual quality.

as for high quality movies, just download them from the browser instead of trying to stream it.

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humbleopinion1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Just watch them on free sites supporting HTML5 - Youtube for example (not that this matters, as youtube already has a dedicated app)

Godmars2901943d ago

That's why you use You have to do an almost needless trick to get it to work, but it works.

ninjahunter1944d ago

What exactly could it pull off if it did support flash?
Shame though x_X

WeskerChildReborned1944d ago

Umm Youtube and alot of other things. Hell my friend uses his PS3 to play flash games.

DoomeDx1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Either you are bullshitting, or your friend is lying.

You cant play flash games on PS3 because they are not designed to support the ps3 controller..
Even with a USB mouse plugged in, you still cant play flash games

Redempteur1944d ago

Have you tried it ? DoomeDx ?

You can play flash games on the PS3 broswer ..
Heck you can play flash games on the psp broswer
There are memory limitations so every game might not work ( it's a console after all ) , but they do work .

TheCrazyMerc1944d ago

I've been watching Naruto Shipuuden on my PS3 internet browser and use internet browser for whatever in my living room, and learning this because my xbox is in my room kinda sucks.

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