John Carmack "not all that excited" by next-gen hardware

Virtual reality, once thought of as a gimmicky, far-fetched idea, is becoming reality, and id Software's John Carmack is pushing hard to make VR headsets a part of every gamer's standard equipment. The Doom creator spent most of E3 showing off his own special VR headset in conjunction with the Doom 3 BFG Edition. For Carmack, prettier graphics are nice, but they won't fundamentally change the gameplay experience; VR, on the other hand, could have a dramatic impact.

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Thatguy-3102134d ago ShowReplies(5)
2pacalypsenow2134d ago

Why would he He cant even code this Gen

SilentNegotiator2133d ago

He's a wash up. Living on 20 year old achievements that mean little to modern gaming (don't pretend like the FPS wasn't inevitable, fanboys).

The most outspoken game developer alive. Even Molyneux had a hit less than 2 decades go.

Kinggger2133d ago

oh John Carmack, that guy, that's who you're talking about? The same guy who taught himself aerospace engineering and then started a "suborbital space" company, Armadillo Aerospace. Yeah.. I'm sure he's washed up

Mounce2133d ago

I know there's a certain degree at which people should respect him for what he's done or his engine-creation skills.

But, honestly? I'm tired of hearing his fucking whining about Consoles, whining about next-gen, whining about PC's, to me he acts too entitled with his opinion too often in a way that makes me think, does he think his voice to be worth Gold? His opinions are priceless and valuable?

Just like Peter Molyneux, DO MORE, TALK LESS, both of them do the opposite right now.

SilentNegotiator2133d ago

Good for him. He's still a washed up game developer.

Tachyon_Nova2134d ago

The thing is, there are a lot of games coming out on current hardware that are actually hindered by having bad graphics or by weak hardware. For example games like Operation Flashpoint and Battlefield which have really large spaces, the hardware isnt strong enough to support nice graphics over such large areas, and this does affect game play because people and objects just become a pixelated low contrast mess off in the distance.

And games like Infamous and Fallout for example, the hardware isnt strong enough to render whole cities or huge landscapes in high detail so you get an area around which is properly rendered and everything further away becomes blurry low res, in some cases 2D models. This severely impacts in my opinion how immersive the game can be, and more powerful hardware should address this.

2pacalypsenow2134d ago

PC's Do it just fine Dont know if you meant just consoles But BF3 was made for Pc

Tachyon_Nova2133d ago

I obviously meant consoles, stop trolling. I'm actually a PC gamers over console where possible...

poopsack2133d ago

I think he meant just consoles, since this is an article about the next console generation.

trikster402134d ago

That's OK, I'm not all that excited for a John Carmack game.

kingdavid2134d ago

The whole FPS is almost a dead genre for me. Only FPS im looking forward to is bioshock infinite.

BitbyDeath2134d ago

And Timesplitters 4 if they ever make it.

joab7772134d ago

I don't get it. He says Sony is showing interest in AR and the new Xbox specs mention AR in the future. So why does he then say that what they are doing is irrelevant and his AR will change everything. Sometimes I don't like hearing what he says.

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The story is too old to be commented.