Microsoft Surface Potential Wii U Threat

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Microsoft's Xbox SmartGlass technology, revealed during the company's June 4th E3 press conference, was viewed as a weak attempt to compete with Nintendo's Wii U console, which comes with a tablet-style controller featuring a screen capable of displaying games and interacting with games on a television. The software giant provided a couple examples on how SmartGlass could enhance Xbox 360 titles, most notably with ship schematics and other useful bits of data in Halo 4, but there was little to get fans excited. Sure, SmartGlass will debut across iOS and Android, but how many developers plan to utilize it, and will gamers pick up an iPad while also using a standard controller to enjoy their favorite games?

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PopRocks3592222d ago

I thought SmartGlass was supposed to be the Wii U killer.

Fishy Fingers2222d ago

That was at least an hour ago. Keep up!

PopRocks3592222d ago

Fuck man, I'm slow! It's hard to multitask when I'm trying to keep up with Microsoft's latest tablet device announcements. Does this mean they'll announce another one next week?

metroid322221d ago

Poor crap product that are all the same thing with no thought just change it around a bit not impressed by these rushed out the door products that Apple and Microsoft are always releasing how can you ever believe you have something special if after a few months the dam thing is old news because they couldnt make the thing better in the first place,its like paying for proto-types until they finally get there ??? not into Microsoft or Apple as they milk everything way way too much.

dirthurts2221d ago

This is probably the biggest most innovative thing announced in the last couple years. If this isn't good enough, than you should just drop off the grid. There isn't anything bigger coming for a while.

SlipperyMooseCakes2222d ago

They only announced one tablet, Surface. SmartGlass is a program.

nukeitall2222d ago

SmartGlass is more than that, it is actually a set of technologies (read API) that makes it easy for developers to integrate this.

browngamer412222d ago

So I need three hands multiple devices and dep ass pockets to achieve half of what the WiiU offers in a single and far cheaper product? Yeah umm no thanks..

live2play2222d ago


thats what people fail to realize
the wiiu and gamepad will have a 1 to 1 attachment rate

Soldierone2222d ago

How? They spent almost the entire conference talking about how it has a is my laptop a WiiU threat too?

StarFox2222d ago

pretty sure the main purpose of Surface is compete with the iPad. the wii U was probably the last thing they had on their mind when they created surface.

ChunkyLover532222d ago

The reason things like SmartGlass and Surface with the Xbox 360/720 and Vita and the PS3/PS4 wont be a threat to the Wii U is simply because the Wii U Gamepad comes with every Wii U. That gives it a huge advantage and that is why these other things aren't a threat. Nintendo makes developers use the Gamepad for games, the others are optional and will never be the standard.

nukeitall2222d ago

Problem is that far more people likely have a smart phone or tablet (or both) and an Xbox 360 than Wii U for a long time.

amsterdam2221d ago

1. Does a smartphone interact as fast with the xbox as a wii u tablet? (lag issues)
2. There are hundreds different smartphones, you'll get compatibility issues, look at windows... i've had that various times on my pc with the installation of hardware nd software...
3. So this means you gotta use your controller and smartphone at the same time... so i gotta like.. put some ducktape on it and stick it to the controller? No really, that's so handy (*facepalm)
4. Not every 14 year old can afford a fast, responsive smartphone

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2221d ago

^"well said"

Adding to point 2

Plus, compatibility issues = more cost for the developer pre and post the game release. They'll have to make patches for every device or spend a lot of time trying to figure-out versions that work on all devices.

Adding to 3 & 4.

If Nintendo is smart. They should piggy-back off of Sony and Smart-glasses introduction. And just add the phrase "All-In-One-Box".

I could see a dumb infomercial take of an announcer saying:

"Are you tired of juggling 2 devices at the same time just to get the most out of that great game?"

Then some guy keeps fumbling the controller and his smart phone until finally he throws down his controller and puts his head in his hands. Or drops his expensive table "OUCH!"

nukeitall2221d ago


1) On a local network, roundtrip for a network packet is around 1ms and in worse case scenario 5ms. That is hardly any lag. A 30fps game has 133ms window. Your TV likely adds more lag than the network packet!

2) Just support the ones you care about, like iOS and Windows Phone. Android is a pain due to fragmentation.

3) How about a third party accessory that slaps your phone on to the controller if it is such a big deal. In many scenarios, that is even not a concern like the tablet showing a map of the online game.

4) No, but their parents likely have one! I would also venture to say that most young people now have a smart phone and that will only increase.


Cost is always an issue, but if it is a competitive advantage that results in sales, why the heck not. Also you limit to what devices you support. Problem solved! I would stick with iOS and Windows Phone personally. Screw Android and it's fragmentation issue.

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