5.7 G.G Series: HORIZONTAL BAR - DSiWare Review

"Athletes are known to be perseverant in the face of hurdles. They are indeed the sort of people that don't easily give in to pressure when the going gets rough -- the onset of a quitter mentality; to take it easy or give up entirely. A game attempting to channel those same feelings and motivations should be able to make the player feel a certain way. Maybe not that they themselves are athletes vying for the same goals and overall purpose, but at the very least that they are engaged in whatever process has been created and encouraged. Sad to say, prowess and gumption are two things that G.G Series: HORIZONTAL BAR lacks. Like a coaster marked by straight rails, the experience here really is a horizontal one, never developing into anything beyond its capabilities or even surprising players in any fashion with vertical-like changes." --

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