Stop complaining, Sony's PS Vita does NOT need a price cut

PSU writes: "You don’t have to look far to find someone on the internet bitching about the price of Sony’s PlayStation Vita. In fact, let’s play a little game. I’ll bet you $249 that at least one comment below (or on N4G—hey, we know where people really like to bitch) will say Sony cannot be successful without dropping the price of the Vita. Wahhhh, get over it."

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Abash2097d ago

I agree. All the "price cut beggers" got what they wanted, the ACIII: Liberation with the white Vita bundle for $250 is just as good as a pice cut

Soldierone2097d ago

Doesn't matter what the price released at. When all the beggars got what they wanted with the 3DS, they were bound to do the same for Vita. It could have released at 200 and they would want it at 149....

As for a price cut, I don't care if it gets one. Sony should just price cut the memory cards and I'll be happier than ever.

PoSTedUP2097d ago

250-$300 but it's a magnificent beast of a machine and is now my new phone with a $15 AT&T data plan and skype unlimited calling and video chat for $2.99/mo. a processor that blows away the Ipad 2's, FB app, youtube will soon come. Sony should be charging more because these graphics are incredible for a handheld. the technology is simply amazing.

Tachyon_Nova2097d ago

That's what I was gonna say, the cost of memory cards is a killer.

Neo Nugget2096d ago

Surely not your cell phone...? It's huge!

ABizzel12096d ago

Why are you waiting on a price cut to a piece of hardware that just came out 4 months ago. I hope Sony doesn't cut the price until holiday season 2013 at the earliest.

Just buy the hardware when there are games you really want. Or ask Sony to open the system up to more carriers, produce new hardware with 4G support, and sell it at a discounted price with a contract that you can add on to your current plan.

Verizon's doing that now for any device for $10

dirthurts2096d ago

People voice their opinion with their wallets.
If it's not selling, than it needs a price cut. No arguing that (I personally have no idea how well it's selling).
I would love to have one, great device, but for me right now it's not at that price point for me. If I had more cash (college student here) I would be all over it though. It's worth the cost, I just don't have it. I think a lot of people are in that boat with the economy right now.

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StarFox2097d ago

i know it doesn't. wanna know what it does need ? GAMES

smashcrashbash2097d ago

It has not only PS1, PSN and PSP and 60 plus VITA games plus cross play games and you are STILL saying it needs games. What do you think all of those things are? Potatoes?

What I think Sony should do is put the VITA temporarily on sale. Therefore people will jump to buy it as fast as the can while they have the chance. Then they can let it go back to normal.This will at least raise the number of people who own a VITA.

Silly gameAr2097d ago

I see the Vita like like I see the PS3 when it first launched. People complain about the lack of games, and then boom, onslaught of Vita games yearly.

After that, they'll find something else to complain about.

StarFox2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

i want a vita to play "vita games" all that ps1, psn, psp is just games i've already played or don't care to play anymore. and lets get one thing straight i no for fact you don't own all those 60+ vita games so stop with the bullshit. everyone has their own tastes and for me vita doesn't have enough games i want to play. price is no issue as long as the games are there. i just dropped 160$ on a 3ds because it has enough games i want to play. i don't blindly buy systems.

EDIT: @smash looks like i struck a nerve because my opinion doesn't agree with yours and what does my name have to do with it? like really i could say the same thing about you "Crash Bash" so get your head out your ass please. nobody wants to hear you fanboy propaganda.

morganfell2097d ago

Well StarFox since these people above you posted first and you saw the article and couldn't let it go I would say you are the one with the exposed nerve.

Go ahead and do what you want because the rest of us will keep gaming on the Vita.

live2play2097d ago

so when people say vita games you bring up PS1 and psp games

when wiiu launch games come up you say
so what? half are ports that are availiable on cheaper systems a long time ago....

stay classy n4g

PoSTedUP2097d ago

i was frustrated on what to buy bc of the minimal selection at first, until i bought uncharted:GA, it Is Amazing, and Gravity Rush? Gravity Rush is one of the most fun and incredible games i have ever Played. talk about Innovation and Artsy playing style in a huge open world where everything can be the floor. Must Own. the selection isnt the biggest, but i have enough to hole me off for 2 months until ragnarok oddessy (with resistance and mgsHD + what ever else there is) then the beasts will be unleashed Persona4golden, COD, assasins creed3 etc.

Tachyon_Nova2096d ago

Why would you buy a Vita to play old games?

BitbyDeath2096d ago


Depends on your taste i suppose. I don't own a vita but if i did have time to play one i'd probably get the Final Fantasy games 1-9.

They are classics and will no doubt never die.

StanSmith2096d ago


"It has not only PS1, PSN and PSP and 60 plus VITA games plus cross play games and you are STILL saying it needs games. What do you think all of those things are? Potatoes? "

That is silly logic. It's like saying the Wii has loads of games because it plays Gamecube games as well as Snes, Nes, N64, etc.

The Vita NEEDS more games. Alot more. I'm not talking PSN games either. It needs full retail games. Without those, the console is not worth it's price point.

Sony have already released Uncharted and Resistance on the Vita. Neither has made much of an increase to it's sales and they are two of PS3's biggest franchises. Sony can't just copy PS3 games to increase sales either. It won't work as those who own PS3's would likely just buy them for that. Not many will buy a game twice.

The Vita has some fantastic hardware inside it, but it just isn't being used. It needs a price cut to give the illusion that you're getting alot of bang for your buck.
At it's price now (currently more expensive than a PS3 in UK) the value just isn't there. If they don't want to drop it's price, then they need to bundle either a 8gb or 16gb memory card with it as well.

As it stands now though, it's got a PSPGO stigma surrounding it. Consumers aren't being shown any confidence that Sony won't pull the plug on it.

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smashcrashbash2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

@ StarFox. Ooooo. Someone is really touchy. Did I strike a nerve? Is your 'taste' have something to do with your name? VITA has lots of games and it's not Sony's fault you don't want to play them. That is really your problem not theirs. So next time say what you mean. The VITA doesn't have enough games YOU want to play not The VITA needs games. That is two different things. The DS and the 3DS didn't have anything I wanted to play either but I wouldn't say it didn't have any games to play. So don't get all huffy because you seem to be trying to cleverly promote the 3DS or something.

live2play2097d ago

he said games that are available on other systems dont count

just like you guys say ports on the wiiu dont count

you guys ask for original wiiu games
he is asking for vita only games

MasterCornholio2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

Your just mad that Nintendo hasn't shown any rreal next gen titles for the system. Just accept that Nintendo is trying to pull a Wii with the Wii U and live with it and enjoy the console for its unique controller.

Also if you believe that multiplats are not games then you are crazy. I own a PS3 and while I do own exclusives, I own multiplats as well and there's nothing wrong with playing them. Seriously are you going to expect me to turn down Skyrim just because it's a multiplats? Of course not.

Ports are also games as well despite what many people will have you believe. Now try and tell me that Metal Gear solid collection, Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom, Street Fighter Vs Tekken, OddWorld Strangers Wrath, Sony Royal Brawl and Sly Cooper 4 shouldn't exist on the Vita because they are ports.

Vita has games, only haters and casuals say that it doesn't.


krontaar2097d ago

I wouldnt complain about the price if it actually came with built in memory.

Veneno2096d ago

I completely and totally agree. Sonykeeps saying they want to compete with the tablets but the tablets let you have fun outof the gate with built in memory. With a Vita you have to spend another 30 bucks to have any fun with it. Sony should have not even made a 4 gig card and just built that into the vita or bundle it in.

RevXM2096d ago

I am on my second VITA. I broke the first one. Smashed it in a car door by accident, it was unfixable.

But my insurance gave me a new one.
I am now thankfull it doesnt have any built in memory or else I would have lost all my stuff and game progress! I just inserted my 32GB Mem card to my new vita and Bam, 3 seconds passed and it was all there ready to go.
So I do not agree with you but those mem cards are sure way too expensive. a 50% price cut on the mem cards should make everyone happy. since that is about what other high end cards costs too.

ChunkyLover532097d ago

I think to the average consumer it does indeed need a price cut and a memory card thrown in. I haven't bought a Vita yet and definitely wont until its under $200 and comes with a memory card bigger than 4 gigs.

I am not denying Vita's quality specs, but so far the Vita is pretty much offering console types of games that I'd rather play on my console. I am looking for something a bit more unique.

So far there are only 3 Vita games I'd like to play, so that isn't really enough to entice me into spending $350 on a Vita, game and memory card at the moment.

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