Best Nintendo Land Attractions of E3 2012

Link's Hideaway writes:

"Many will remember when Nintendo Land was first introduced at the Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference and how dissatisfied they felt at first; however, with hands-on with all 5 Nintendo Land E3 2012 attractions that distaste has irrevocably changed into major interest in the title. Nintendo Land will feature 12 attractions or mini-games in total upon release for the Nintendo Wii U later this year but which ones were the best of show at E3 2012?"

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live2play2129d ago

people just hated nintendoland
because they expected a final big bang reveal

nintendoland actually looks loads of fun but sadly it was presented VERY POORLY

ChickeyCantor2128d ago (Edited 2128d ago )

The ending of their presentation felt like an insult to be honest.

I think they wanted to show off some aesthetics ( and possible the other hinted games trough out the logos/icons you see). But like...Were we suppose to be impressed by any of that? I really didn't get what Nintendo was going for there.

Don't get me wrong, the gamepack will most likely be a fun multiplayer game. But their presentation was just a smack in the face.