Xbox 360 “SmartGlass” is no threat to Wii U

Wii U Daily: "The Wii U tablet is an organic part of the console, SmartGlass is a gimmick, at best."

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Hufandpuf2133d ago

That's funny, In terms of gaming the WiiU has an edge. But considering the new tablet that MS announced will most likely have features for the 360 including SmartGlass, I'm thinking that the only reason people will go out to buy a WiiU is for their First-Party games.

Also, the WiiU controller isn't looking so good with only a single touch sensor and ridiculously low battery life.

PopRocks3592133d ago

Because 360 gamers really want a device with no buttons. Right.

Also why would you complain about the battery life if you can plug the thing into your console at any given time?

turnerdc2133d ago

Well...the Kinect did sell extremely well.

Hisiru2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

That's funny because last time I checked, you need to pause the game in order to use most of the SmartGlass's features. Also, last time I checked there is no physical buttons on tablets/smartphones so you will need to hold your x360 and your tablet at the same time if you want a real gaming experience.

Smart Glass is basically asking x360 owners to forget about their controllers while they are playing the game with smartglass.

Now you have it: WiiU's GamePad has MUCH more inputs and works in real time, so yes, SmartGlass is no threat to WiiU, because Smart Glass and WiiU will deliver different experiences.

MiamiACR212133d ago

Cellphone users really want a cellphone with no buttons, right?

PopRocks3592133d ago


Believe it or not, I know folks who hate touch based cell phones. I myself am one of them since my last one's touch screen become unresponsive.

Also cell phones are not game consoles, let alone dedicated video game consoles for core gamers. Big difference.

MiamiACR212133d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

The point is innovation and success comes out of places and things we might not have thought would be successful at the time. Do you think cell phone companies ever dreamed of a cellphone without buttons? Sure, and I bet they thought it would be clumsy and unproductive.

Did anyone think the Wii motion controller was a good idea to be a part of a successful console when it was announced? I mean, after-all, it had only a few buttons and required you to swing your arm or flick your wrist. I'll let the sales figures tell you about that one. We will see how this turns out, until then, don't assume gamers know what they want; because they don't.

EVILDEAD3602132d ago

It won't be a threat to people buying Wii-U..but it will be cool for current and prospective 360 owners.

What MS did is move forward technologically in both the motion control space and now with smart glass in a way that actually does compete with Wii-U on it's biggest fronts..casual and core.


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MrMister2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Smart glass is a genius idea since everyone has a smart phone or tablet. I only own a ps3, yet I gotta give props to MS for that idea. I almost wanna get an xbox, but they need more exclusives and then I might get for the smartglass. But Wii u did not leave a good impression this e3. Its like a different Nintendo runs it now. The nes, snes, n64 days are long gone. Im going with Sony and possibly MS if their really supportive of smartglass.

Also as for touch screen, if u have a more recent phone, you will notice that the touch controls are improving. Last week I played Darkstalkers 1 on my Atrix 4G phone via Onlive (yep u can stream onlive via Android app onto phone) and yet it controlled pretty well. With time touch screens will improve (even though buttons will always be better), and some phones like Experia have face buttons and shoulder buttons on them, that can be folded away. More Phones may be like that within 1 year's time.

live2play2133d ago


multitouch is USELESS when you have buttons.. which the gamepad DOES HAVE

and using a stylus is MORE PRECISE

PRECISION is what is most important

people only care about the ZOOM IN multitouch allows

i browse on my 3ds alot, i zoom in by a simple touch of a button, not having to smudge my screen

PopRocks3592133d ago

Same here. I understand people want multitouch, but why is it essential if you have buttons, sticks and d-pads? Unless people really want the Wii U to be expensive. Which I doubt.

ChickeyCantor2132d ago

I think it's not fair to completely dismiss the concept of just a touch screen. I'm not saying they are great for games that need buttons because gameplay requires it. But more so that when cleverly used, the games can actually end up being fun.
I think Touchscreens can really bring back the vibe of arcade games. But most games today on mobile phones are just badly designed.

cstyle2133d ago

Their both nice but smart glass is way more versatile because you can use different types of hardware.It will all come down to the games though.

ALLWRONG2133d ago

I agree you can go back and forth from PC to Xbox, can't with Wii U.

Neko_Mega2133d ago

Smartglass is pretty much a gimmick, heck don't be shock if Xbox Live cost more because of it.

I really don't see the point of smartglass, then again I don't see the point of the Wii U (Why couldn't they just use the 3DS and not have to make a tablet like controller).

ALLWRONG2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

This must be a dream post for you.

rmedtx2133d ago

I think all tablet integration is a gimmick (Vita, Wii U and Smartglass) Unless they can come up with something really useful.. it's just a gimmick. They do stuff a virtual tablet could do on screen.

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